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Here is a link to Art’s Blog Post.

Here is my reply, a layman’s view, perhaps you might relate to my perspective. What Art said in his post is as plain as the nose on my faces, and it’s a big one. 😉

This is very very well said Art. It grabs attention, it comes across in a very “common sense” way.

I could relate to what you said here easily, as trying to relax has always been hard for me and once, when I did relax my muscles, powerful feelings that had nothing to do with being relaxed came up, feelings that were too “early” and frightening.

What happened was that I fell asleep afterward and then dreamed I was in a capsule at the top of a rocket and it was about to launch into the complete unknown. I woke up at that point, so much for my attempts to “relax”.

My blood pressure is really high now that I am 60, has been ever since I was 35. Repression kills, and I can’t believe that anyone who can afford your therapy isn’t lining up to get it.

I can’t believe that when they discuss saving money with health care that you’re revelations aren’t being considered.

I can’t believe that when my back was first injured they put me in a lounge chair to listen to music while someone talked about floating out into space, oh yeah, one size fits all, ha. I was alone and found a way to stop the voice track and just listen to the music.

Oh yeah, voodoo voodoo, “now yer all better”, just don’t try to move around because one slip in concentration and “whamo” your back is in pain again. That was “therapy” to them. So it goes beyond just ignoring feelings, it goes against all common sense, as here we all were getting fat from not moving around, afraid of falling, and in a safe place to exercise and they gave us “therapeutic meals” where we were allowed to eat anything we wanted, and then made to lay in lounge chairs while being denied pain meds that might actually work.

Oh yes, I find that I can’t “believe” much in what passes for health care not only here in America, but world wide. I can’t believe the lack of common sense involved in “treatments” where repression is the only answer to any kind of feeling. I can’t believe that their answer to feelings is to “understand” and “control” them and call it “emotional intelligence”, a thing that is perhaps useful but is more about emotional ignorance.

As you said so eloquently AY AY AY….

Brother David “Mitch” Sotelo

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