Playing Monopoly

Become the Light that is you.
Become the Light that is you.
When you’re in darkness, become the light that is you.

Thinking about Monopoly, and monopolies…

I am thinking now of when I was a kid playing the game Monopoly. The game would last until inevitably someone would have bought nearly everyplace the other’s next moves would take them.

Then of course, with all the money and property in the hands of only one, the economy of the game would collapse.

Finally the bright child who won the game would lose the joy of playing and perhaps decide to give out just enough to keep the others in the game but not enough to that he or she might lose.

Upward mobility was then extremely unlikely except in acceptable increments. This is quickly becoming the state of affairs for capitalism around the world.

Except that in the real world the downgraded players might not be able to afford to eat, and the world itself, stripped of all it could afford to offer, might then show signs of collapse, taking all life with it.

Tweaking a Monopoly game seldom worked more than a few minutes, with those kids still wanting to play asking for a new game with “land reform”.

Occasionally a child with a short fuse, and not liking the tweaking, would throw his or her pieces in angry scattered directions, and refuse to ever play the game again.

Throwing temper tantrums never amounted to a revolution, just a lot of angry stomping around with a dash of destruction thrown in.

Meanwhile back in the real world, grown kids are playing a rigged capitalistic game, and tantrums would only make things worse. So, perhaps, when the game is starving kids and abandoning the elderly, the least we can do is to tweak the game by voting against greed.

Let’s hope that in future elections the world’s people will consider voting for progressives who see the problem and want change.

Here in the United States we have two Parties, one that tends to crash the game, and one that wants to tweak it until it’s exciting again.

Vote for the exciting one,
Vote Democratic

Feeling Powerless?
Believe in Change.


David “Mitch” Sotelo