Millenials: Their Political Impact

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Consider this article.

Think about it and see and add your thoughts to those of mine below.

Millenials are racially diverse, but I think that Democrats have over played the reliability that diverse races will necessarily vote Democratic, as the greed and variants of selfish short sighted views that I see on the right can easily morph to include multiple races and groups. There are gay Republicans, perhaps the group most hated group among the majority in the Republican Party.

The lack of interest among Millenials in joining groups that are organized in any form is greater in this next generation but not that much greater than the older generations when they were that age. Also we see from the Occupy movement that it didn’t significantly translate into votes for progressive candidates or for the Democratic Party or any of the more progressive of existing parties.

The importance of social media is perhaps significant but there is a trend in social media for groups to form their own self affirming “echo boxes” where all but their own views are tuned out.

Progressives need to be more concerned with what builds logical thinking abilities, a wider sense of empathy with others perceived to be different, and a more creative approach to problems through the taking of multiple perspectives that aren’t all of the same “stripe” or type.

Politically Democrats often focus on ways to achieve immediate gains, and this isn’t all together a bad Idea, it does help. However, we neglect what will change political discourse for the long haul and efforts to change the core problem behind less than progressive approaches.

So, as far as political we might reasonably expect from our Millenial generation, we are left with a few causes perceived as progressive that millenials my help to foster, but these can be co-opted into either the Democratic or Republican Party.

None of what I have said should be seen as evidence against the colossal train wreck that will occur if the Republicans continue to embrace and encourage the far right Tea Party movement as a base of their Party. This misstep, although not immediately impacting in a negative way on the Republican chances, will finally be the demise of their Party as they have formerly known it.

The break up of both the major parties is on the horizon and millenials may well be the driving force behind this once they mature enough to see the need for organization. This is however not a bad thing and perhaps a very good thing, as it may broaden and enrich political debate at the national and state levels.

Brother David “Mitch” Sotelo

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