Methylation and Love

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

Arthur Janov has written a beautiful article concerning the problems of methylation of the expression of our genetic codes. Methylation is what happens to our DNA that can cause both diseases and inabilities to love.

I have spoken often about the need for a communication of love that builds and augments expressions of trust. The concept of emotional intelligence, having a reflective and intelligent approach to our emotions that gives self control, empathy, and self awareness as we achieve it, has been taught to great effect in our schools and in business in order to improve human relations. This is similar to my own concept of optimisticintelligence (the mental health and emotional buoyancy that comes from practicing complimentary communications between perspectives of love and trust). However, this picture and understanding goes much deeper as is expressed in a website by two brilliant men, Bruce Wilson, and Peter G. Prontzos, each disciples of Arthur Janov. Arthur Janov goes into great details concerning a therapy designed around,for lack of better words, “honest feeling and love”. It would be good to check out his blog.

The particular subject of methylation of our DNA and how this relates to our health has been written about by many scientists at this point especially in regard to what it means to medicine, especially cancer treatments. Epigenetics means “above genetics” and is about how our genes are expressed and is highly related to methylation of our DNA.

The article by Arthur Janov that has best expressed, in my opinion, the importance to individuals and society of methylation of our DNA can be found here. Regarding this, this note from Arthur Janov is very important: “My article on Epigenetics and Primal Therapy will appear in the Activitas Nervosa Superior (ANS), a journal for neurocognitive research of the World Psychiatric Association. I will also publish it on my blog as a series over a month or two, as it is 80 pages long. It is the most important article I have ever written and I hope it will change the science of psychotherapy; this is, begin to turn it into a real science.” Arthur Janov

It is my fervent belief that to begin the awareness of society at large and its governments it would do well to promote emotional intelligence classes in our schools. They have been known to lower violence by 10% and to increase academic performance also by 10%. It is my fervent desire to have such a priority for our schools mentioned in the platform statements of all major political parties around the world as soon as possible.

We are entering into a great new age, and age of deeper introspection and wisdom born from greater health in our communications. The understanding of the links for this process certainly include methylation of our DNA and the better communication between love and trust in ourselves and between ourselves: Optimistic Intelligence.

Let us begin…
David “Mitch” Sotelo

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