Keynesian Economics, Capitalism and Communism are Not Enough

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

Keynesian Economics, Capitalism and Communism, and old style socialism are not enough.

Regarding Keynesian approaches to the economy, I think it is a bit or socialism and it’s a good thing. Karl Marx was right about capitalism creating a “standing army” of the unemployed, and over production of goods and services. He saw workers as the engine of the economy and those using them to some degree as leaches.

Communism was less creative than desired resulting in slow development of new technologies. The problem with both communism and capitalism is that all the power ends up in a few hands thus destroying the best directions of creative production and enslaving the population in many ways which worked against democracy. Thus democratic socialism came into being.

I don’t see that Keynesian economics properly addresses the problem of the education and democratization of the populace, it seems more like it is concerned with “creating jobs” through government intervention which still leaves the populace in a slavish condition and doesn’t address the problem of poverty well enough, nor the problem of inordinate demand or “greed” as a factor in society which is creating the conditions of poverty we see today along with the “throw away”, over populating, over polluting, and over using, societies around the world. Such societies are exhausting our earth’s raw materials and polluting and over heating our planet which is creating a world in which humanity cannot exist.

We need technologies which can lower the need for consumption, and over creation of goods and services, and addresses our lack of education and empathy with others around the globe which destroys democracy creates slavish conditions for some, and many conflicts and wars.

Roosevelt I think took a Keynesian approach and it was not enough to fix our problems, although it helped a bit, and much more than capitalists will admit. I believe that Arthur Janov has some of the answers we need and I dearly wish Peter G. Prontzos would address this subject.

I believe that given our present level of social enlightenment that Bernie Sanders is offering a nice start in a much more helpful direction than we are seeing today. I think that it is an over simplification to say that U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is Keynesian in his approach or simply having the government create more jobs as President Franklin D. Roosevelt did. Bernie Sanders is addressing a wider swash of issues that desperately need addressing in our times.

We need drastic changes, and dancing around the political middle which has sold out our democracies to the rich in so many industrialized countries today, is simply not enough. This is one reason I, living in the United States, am not at this time “ready” for Hillary, there is no getting ready with her as she is promoting the same dance of the left and right that has gotten us nowhere with many urgent problems we are facing today. Largely because it is a dance that is destroying our democracy, a dance being played out globally today. This “dance” is being fueled by corporate styled capitalism which is crony capitalism which spits in the face of our sense of fairness, our work ethic, and our best less greedy approaches to world wide planetary and social problems. Corporate Capitalism has been well addressed by Peter G. Prontzos, a political visionary of our times.

The internet is key to the changes we need to see made and I am thinking Michael Handley might address the new politics of today’s internet society.

Regarding our many health care issues I think the brilliant medical science writer Bruce Wilson might address these nicely, as a more “primal” approach to our health care is more preventative and less costly and will yield better results for less money than any other approach, in my necessarily humble opinion.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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