Jesus and the Republican Party and Conservatives World Wide

Democracy in action, outside of the voting booth.
Democracy in action, outside of the voting booth.

What I would love for Republicans to try to do is to find anything that Jesus said that supports their positions. Hum hawing around what Jesus said when they say he is the one they follow is highly suspicious in regards to motivations and where one’s true allegiance really lies.

Jesus was about forgiveness and rehabilitation and warned against being punitive, while Republicans want to build bigger prisons and give harsher penalties and feel that causing suffering is the best cure for those who have committed a crime.

Jesus said that giving was a blessing, and his disciples pointed out that caring for the poor is a worthy act, but Republicans want to penalize the poor in order to give them the “motivation” to succeed, despite all the evidence that this just further destroys lives.

Jesus warned against the dangers of being wealthy to a spiritual life, but Republicans say it is the highest goal.

One of the apostles said that it was wrong to give favoritism to the rich when they come to your Church meetings and even noted that the rich were often oppressive, but Republicans want the wealthy to be able to pay far less than their fair share, and hoping to be rich themselves they see wealth as synonymous with success.

Jesus said that the truth would set us free but although science has given us many new truths over the years Republicans want to dismantle all faith in the scientific method, or else replace clear scientific evidences and findings with literally interpreted Biblical myths about creation.

Jesus taught us that loving our neighbor as ourselves was the second most important commandment, but Republicans want to penalize the poor who come here just to work, even to the point of breaking up families, and even in places where history clearly shows us that we stole the land from the ancestors of those coming here for work.

Republicans today don’t read the Bible they tote around, nor follow the Jesus they say they love.

One story Jesus told was of a last judgement, and in that judgement many who never heard of him were admitted into heaven because they were kind to others, for they asked “When did we see you and do these kind things?” Others were told that because they didn’t do these things they could not be admitted into heaven, and in another section of the Bible Jesus states that many will come to him on the “last day” and say “Haven’t we done miracles in your name?” etc. etc. and he says that his reply will be “Depart from me I never knew you.”

Another section of the Bible says that God sends the rain and the sunshine (his blessings) on the just and the unjust, but Republicans want to penalize gays and anyone else that they deem to be “sinners”, while ignoring their own faults, and not even allowing them the same benefits that they enjoy such as marriage (which helps to keep people from having as many partners and spreading disease).

Yet another section of the New Testament asks “How can you say you love God, who you have never seen, but hate people who you have seen and are “created in his image”?

Yes it’s true that God can be seen as having to be harsh, but guess what kind of people God’s harshness is delivered to? How about people who are hypocrites and judge others? How about those that have no feeling for the poor? How about those that do not love their neighbors because they crossed into their yard and asked for work?

I can envision Jesus in my mind now with his eyes of compassion but then seeing them flash with fire and harden with disdain toward those who tolerate prejudice and unfairness and a lack of neighborliness.

Can you see this Jesus too? I think you must be a progressive Democrat!

Other countries harbor the likes of our own Republican Party now and a generic modern term for all of them mind be neo cons, or conservatives, who out of fear instead of faith cling to whatever comforts them and avoid the truth which Jesus extolled.

Jesus didn’t condemn people of other religions either, so don’t find a loop hole to avoid the law of love with those thoughts.

Those who don’t realize the truth about being in league with the Republican Party and other conservative parties around the globe should also look at what countries have best weathered the storm of our last financial crisis, oh yes, they are the ones without the harsh belt tightening inflicted on the poor and the working classes.

For those who are unaware of these clear statements of Jesus or who want to find a way around these conclusions, I invite you to read your Bible and think while you do so…

Rev David Mitchel Stow