Irrational Governments

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Many of our problems in our governments come from irrational thought that goes unchallenged, not by others, but by the people who do not challenge such thoughts within their own mind.

We often neglect the greatest tool of reason: the power to question our own certainties.

When debate classes are held positions are taken and argued by two parties, then the parties switch positions and argue once again. They also study logic and common fallacies of reason, and if they are lucky they study the scientific method.

Why do we wait so long in our schools to give our kids this opportunity? Why are classes in logic up to the student to choose, or, not?

It is because to challenge such thoughts is uncomfortable to the parents.

It’s not enough to push education on our kids, we need to push it on ourselves.

No one is too old to learn, and education should not be a privilege, it should be an obligation and a right

We need our countries to move forward even while some try to keep us anchored in the past.

Progressives get this, and they share this, because for the sake of our children, and their children, there just isn’t any other choice.

Those who live in democratic republics can change their irrational governments.



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