Intra Spirit

Intra Spirit is a fellowship of progressive minded introspective people who seek to unite around unlearning helplessness around thinking, feeling, and physical sensation. The Intra Spirit fellowship is a fellowship of progressives who practice methods that help progress, and rally around them, instead of individual beliefs which often can create unsolvable divisions.

Helplessness around thoughts, and verbally expressed feelings, is approached by being objective with one’s emotional self, being empathetic with the experience and views of others, and being creative with one’s own experiences in artistic ways. The basic reflective abilities, are thus seen as objective, creative, and empathetic. These are applied to feelings and physical sensations, that can’t be expressed in words, by encouraging awareness, playfulness, and expression in non verbal ways.

This practice on the verbally expressive level, is seen as communication between one’s emotional self and one’s objective self, oneself conversing with others in an empathetic way, and between one’s playful suggestive self and oneself as an artistic creative power for change. These relationships can be approached internally by playing all the roles involved using one’s imagination. One’s non verbal self, the part of oneself that does not communicate in words is encouraged to be aware, playful, and expressive in non ways that do not use language.

These practices of the Intra Spirit fellowship are, as a unit, called “optimistic integration”, because they involve decreasing helplessness and increasing self empowerment. The skill and ability to so integrate and interrelate with oneself and others is called “optimistic intelligence”.

You can contact this fellowship via email at, and on their website.

Optimistic integration can bring people together in ways that best aid human progress. It is the most inclusive and united way to bring progressives and our world closer together. You are cordially invited to begin a progressive journey, a journey into your deepest spirit or life to find the joy and the buoyant healthy optimism that can be your light in the world.

David “Mitch” Sotelo


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