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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

Some look at this insanity and might say “unbelievable”. This is not at all unbelievable. This is first of all quite common. It is similar in its communication to that of the far right of the Republican Party. The reasons for such a bizarre display are factors which could be easily deduced. These factors are those that limit or impair creative, objective, and empathetic perspectives.

What makes this kind of insanity hard to understand is that lower degrees of insanity are common. Insanity is wide spread. Not noticing it is like not noticing a particular tree for all the trees in the forest. Humanity often lives in and even promotes insanely irrational views.

Insanity in its extremes of course is so dysfunctional that its influence in some people causes them not to fit within society. However, insanity that fits is ignored.

Funny, or not so funny, is that insanity sometimes brings about what might be seen as beneficial. Insanity in this form is often praised.

What we don’t like to see is that people can function and still be insane. By insanity I mean “not having an objective compass in life”.

Religion and religious politics, secular or otherwise, are often stark raving mad. This madness or insanity though is now often given “equal time” in the media. It’s as if it were a perfectly acceptable expression of opinion.

You might say that all conservatives are not clinically insane of course. However, the lack of a feeling connection to objective, empathetic, and creative perspectives is a common trait among conservatives. This lack is a measure of insanity.

Conservatives are often very religious. It might be noted that even bizarre religious statements aren’t that bizarre if you take a good look at religion. Religion is by nature antagonistic to the perspectives which I have mentioned.

Conservatives take religion very seriously, liberals by and large do not, and true progressives even less so.

Conservatives claim to have a lock on morality and this is patently irrational. The opposite is more likely to be true. The serious religious approach works against perspectives that are creative, objective and empathetic. Thus it also works against the virtues derived from these perspectives. It is also insane to lack a feeling connection to these perspectives that evolved to meet real human need. Thus conservatives are less moral and less sane than those with greater feeling connection to these perspectives.

It is important to have a truly creative appreciation of life (Art). It is best to have an objective sense of what is a fact or not (Truth). It is also important to have the ability to empathize with others (Goodness). Many conservative views lack these virtues. When we lack the virtues of Art, Truth, and Goodness, we lack the core of what is truly moral. It must be said plainly that lacking such virtues is a sign of insanity and true immorality.

Being sane requires that we have the ability to be creative, objective, and empathetic. These are the core of our virtues. The cause of insanity is a disconnect between our motivational feelings and our core virtues. This is due to what I call “pained need”.

This pained need is caused by helplessness associated with needs and feelings. Pained needs unresolved mean that we lack the ability to relate to them. This causes a disconnect between ourselves and reality. How? Well, when we cannot know our real needs and seek symbols of those needs we have to avoid real ways to recognize and meet needs. This is insane.

What happens when our needs become painful is that we then search for symbols of need instead of real needs. We seek for symbolic need in order to not feel panicked.

Creativity, objectivity, and empathy, cause the anxiety relieving symbolic needs to fail. This means that such ways of meeting real needs become themselves painful. Conservatives tend to lack these abilities more so than liberals. The lack of the ability to use these perspectives or approaches to need is insane. The degree of this lack is the degree of the insanity.

Pained need is associated with deprivations and traumas in which there was a feeling of helplessness. It is created by original needs being too associated with helplessness and the resultant anxiety it causes.

Helplessness drives up anxiety to levels that cannot be tolerated. Such anxiety must be repressed by turning the original needs into generalized and symbolized forms. This allows a person to replace a feeling of helplessness with a symbolic struggle.

The symbolic struggle allows the replacement of the feeling of helplessness. This gives a temporary message that calms. It is a symbolic way to satisfy the original need, even if the need was to deal with the original trauma.

Conservative politics and religion just give this disease a language and an expression. Terrorist activities, or the insane outbursts such as shown in the above video by Uh-Oh Monkey, is basically the same.

Stirring up people like the lady in the video is how Republicans have recently tried to gain votes. She obviously lacks a real connection between her perspectives and her real needs. Thus she will tend to vote against her own needs. By doing this Republicans can keep robbing the middle class and destroying the poor to enrich the greedy.

This is pathetic. This new Republican Party should be ashamed. It’s time to rise up against the Republican Party. Until they find sanity again we should take their inappropriate advice on drugs and “Just say no.” to all their candidates.

Using the insane to promote a cause will back fire every time and the kind of insanity shown by this lady is just one example.

Vote Democratic

Unlearn Your Helplessness: Feel the Blue

For more information about what is actually sane or not try this site: Primal Therapy, or this site: The Primal Mind.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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