Increasing Militarization of Our Police Departments

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

There seems to be an increased militarization of our police departments. We are perhaps reminiscing about a Mayberry RFD situation that never existed except in the imaginations of some. Yet, the increased fire power used by our current police is undeniable. I however think that this is just a symptom of a far greater problem in society, that has actually been worse in the past but is growing again with our current forms of socialization in modern society: a growing lack of the ability to resolve problems peacefully, and the easy access to weapons in our cities and towns, by everyone.

We see a trend toward similar violent attitudes as evidenced in our increasingly militarized police responses on television now, where adrenaline addiction runs high as a way to get viewers, especially in regard to movies where action movies are the most popular especially among men and young male children.

I see no hope for lowering this trend toward more violence and militarization in our societies except in increased education concerning emotional intelligence in our schools which I have failed to have placed on the state platform of the Texas Democratic Party for years now. Every two years I have tried this and every time the resolution advocating it has been tabled or voted down.

I have grown weary of the lack of acceptance of our inner emotional lives as being important. I am not saying things far enough back in time haven’t been even worse, but we haven’t been making much progress and the modern social factors like the regimented school systems have certainly not helped. Children are increasingly divided by age and often never have to learn parenting by caring for their younger siblings or other younger children in their neighborhood, even the girls who used to flock around any stroller are busy mostly with their peers now. This type of learned caring is even becoming less evidenced in churches.

I have proposed less superstitious and more emotionally enlightened support groups to help with extended family structures in communities, but this too is difficult in our modern age where the diversity of conflicting symbolic comforts from many diverse religions who seem to not seek common ground is growing.

We may be going through a time in which ancient structures must collapse before rational support groups and a sense of common humanity develops. Meanwhile I support the concept that we can see recognized and support the Kid in others and in ourselves, and strive politically to aid children, all children to have adequate care, from the womb onward.

Essentially in any political sense this issue is mostly about nurturing and protecting mothers and their children, and greed and power seeking which is destroying the stability of our economies, once again, is threatening this.

i am reminded of the phrase, “When momma isn’t happy NOBODY is happy.” That is pretty much the long and short of it.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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