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I am thinking today of the commercial in which Pinocchio tries to be a motivational speaker. He looks around the room and as he points to people and says he sees potential in them his nose grows to reveal he is lying.

I see a different picture when I think about some of the Democratic meetings that I have been to, like the Senate District 30 Convention in Collin County here in Texas that I recently attended.

The image that comes to my mind when I think of this meeting takes me back to Church socials, where even the person without the time to cook, or maybe even the talent to cook, brought potato chips, or some kind of soda pop. Everything that was brought always made a great feast.

Yes some thought they could cook and had their feelings hurt until they found out they could make great iced tea. Slowly and gradually that feast got better and better over time, and even those that couldn’t even make good tea, or have the time to pick up potato chips, would find they could sing a song or tell a joke.

Those that couldn’t do any of these things might discover they could be a motivational speaker. Those that couldn’t do that, and who told such terrible jokes that even the minister couldn’t hide the frown on his or her face, sometimes brought a contagious laugh. I can remember times when such laughter made my sides hurt. People with that kind of laughter could often cause the lamest joke told by another to bring down the house. Those lame jokes were sometimes the best moments of the entire event.

Meetings of family and friends can help everyone to shine, and I see that often in the Democratic Party. Humility seems to grow and become the key to unlocking the potential fun in any meeting.

I am now remembering the speech by Mike Rawlins at the Senate District 30 meeting, that was the perfect picture of humility, a humility not false but kind, a humility that was inspiring and which seemed to say: Bring whatever you have, you can make a difference.

My mind now drifts to what Deborah Angel Smith used to emphasize, the idea that meetings needed to be fun, and how fun always meant that people were inspired to work together.

I am thinking of the frantic, in two places at once, hustle that Cindi Koehn used to make the event take shape and continue, using so many talents that they blurred together. Again another humble person.

I am thinking of the humor and poise of Bill Baumbach who struggled through times that would have collapsed a lesser man, who rose up again strong and served the meeting with such a grand humility that it broadcast a welcome for all to do their special part.

I won’t go on further as the humble folks I have mentioned may already want to avoid me whenever possible for highlighting their gifts and humility. and because of this I will wisely leave out many others so they won’t run from me when they see me coming.

In my defense, the few I have picked on here are strong enough to get over it, and also they helped me to illustrate a point here about humility and my experience at gatherings of Democrats.

I was able to bring a short piece of writing to the the SD 30 convention, that was then read better than I could read it myself, by another humble soul with a talent, without which my small contribution could not have been made. So I was humbled in spite of my grand ego by my experience at the SD 30 convention.

So what am I saying here about humility and humble people with their many divergent talents and gifts?

What I am actually saying here isn’t that humility is something that makes one person shine more than another, it isn’t what makes anyone special.

I am saying that humility is what we naturally find when we work together. I have just stood back from the experience of this and made my report.

So, no vain flattery here, just the facts folks. Facts that should tell you that you are no different than any who I have mentioned here. Facts that say you are special just because you are you, a you that in a group can find this wonderful embracing humility, that isn’t special, it’s just what good hearted people end up using when they work together.

Now don’t you wish the United State Congress did this? Don’t you wish governments around the world did this? Take a look at the obstructionists. Who are they? I believe you will see, if you observe closely, that these are the people who haven’t found the gift of humility which brings us all together, like the humility some have the lack of thought to call “weak”, a humility that we see in our President here in the United States, one Barack Obama.

Can you increase the humility and efficiency in governments? Well of course you can. Just vote in more thoughtful cooperative people, people that are usually called “progressives”.

Here in Collin County we call most of these progressives “Democrats”.

We can change Collin County, the State of Texas, the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the rest of the world.

Begin at home.
We ourselves are the source of governments we can have faith in, we ourselves can make the world a better place.

We can work together, find our own humility,,and make great things happen.

You used to believe this, but sometimes are over powered by doubts?

Me too, but let’s say this together,



(All it takes is meeting and working together.)

Brother David “Mitch” Sotelo

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