Why Does Humanity Often Lack the Intelligence to Love?

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

There are levels of development of intelligence from the reptilian to the mammalian to the primate with it’s human adjustments.

The abilities that underlie our virtues are higher brain developments built upon the lower. Essentially these abilities are Empathy, the root of Goodness, Creativity, the root of Artful perspective, and Objectivity, the root of Truth.

Damage to lower levels of development are harmful to the higher, but let’s take a more “spiritual” look at the problem.

Spirituality being the ideal expression of virtue, and love being it’s nourishment, and faith in virtuous love being essential to better motivations, it is damaged faith in love that causes the harsh and irrational behaviors of our human world family.

How does this come about? When needs are helpless to be met they become painful and the source of panic and the motivation from them is transformed into a perceived symbolic struggle that is generalized (spread wider throughout the neuronal pathways) in order to ease the pain.

“Pained Need” is thus contained at a cost, the inability to love in truly caring ways, and the lessened ability to love the Kid, and the Infant within oneself and others, or real kids and real infants.

The cure is to feel what happened in it’s original contexts, when feeling safe enough to do so and in small enough doses. The next step is to know and grieve the pained need as what it actually is: a loss.

Finally, having accepted the loss, we must forgive, all things, everyone, and oneself, that had anything to do with it, and then we can move on, repenting of past unloving ways, and growing the light of love in our world, in our universe.

This is the path to redemption, for all of us, conservatives and liberals, and progressives alike.

This is the universal spirituality,this simple core honest humility of life, evolving into greater realms of love.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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