Hope and Heroes

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Lion's Head

A light shines, virtue rises, whispers becoming shouts, a few becoming many. Tyranny cannot prepare, it cannot prevail in the end. Its bones are hollow, its heart cannot endure. The cry of the innocent and the oppressed will find its power and like a great wave it will cleanse the shores of nations, and in its tide all hopes will rise.

Now is the beginning of a time for heroes. Heroes who will take one step, then two together with others, until the ground of what seemed unchangeable, crumbles and a new earth is born. Heroes of hearts rising, whispering in the hearts of the humble, and in a time where hope seems most covered with darkness, the bright and true meaning of freedom will rise again on a new day.

A whisper of hope is rising.
It calls within your heart.

Believe Again

David “Mitch” Sotelo