Here in Collin County Texas Thinking of Heroes

cropped-The-Lion-of-Judah-Taught-Progressive-Values.jpgHere in Collin County Texas I began to reflect and peer into what seems to lie ahead of us. I began to think about heroes, and the heroes those of us who are now elderly, dreamed of being.

Born in the fifties I, like most of my friends when we were small, put on towels round our necks like capes, and jumped from furniture wanting to be heroes.

Some slightly before our time marched through Selma Alabama. Long ago I sat with some of them in a Quaker meeting feeling awed.

Now those of us born in the fifties, are faced with those who seem to desire with all their hearts to keep many Americans in th back of the bus, and, not content with that, are asking those not there to move there.

Some do not want health rights for all, nor educational rights even for some who are the brightest of our youth.

It is time for those of us who put on those towels to put on our capes of courage again, dream of a better America, and to fly into the skies of America’s promise: freedom not just for some but for all.

In this time where the light of hope is dimmed, when freedom’s promise is threatened, now is the time when those who marched in Selma are calling for us: “Stand up, march for freedom once again, do not forget us, we were once as you.”

In this time when some have tried to silence the voice of freedom and opportunity, in this moment when we can hear that silence, in this time we must hear the call of freedom and opportunity, not just for some but for all.

It is time for those of us who wore towels as capes and dreamed of being a hero to speak out, to sing the song of freedom to a nation and a world whose greatest achievements still lie ahead of them.

We once felt like young lions, now we are older and grey, we once desired to be fearless in the face of evil. Now is our time to stand up, to stagger up if need be, and to roar defiance in the face of the evil and the despair that would rob our nation and our world of it’s birthright.

Here in Collin County, in the reddest of the red state of Texas, it is time to stand up and speak out with a full voice of freedom.

It is not a time for those who are in places of power to cling to past achievements, but to move on bravely into greater hopes.

It is not a time for us to shrug our shoulders and walk away. It is not a time for us to look for perfect heroes.

It is time to strive to be the heroes we once dreamed of being, to fly up from our couches, and away from our television sets, to knock on doors, to withstand the winds against us, to move from being stagnant and accepting, to being the activists from the past that we admire.

This is a journey and it may be a very long one, but all journeys begin with one small step forward.

That step forward for me, will be the whole hearted support of Mike Rawlins´╗┐ for Collin County Chair, and to move those who aspire to remain serving as they have been, to greater vistas.

The wind of change is blowing in Texas and it is Blue, the wind in Collin County is but a murmur, just a slight breeze, but it is the breeze before a storm.

When we the older stand up against the winds of evil, the youths, which we once were, will begin to dream and follow.

To the last of us, for the best in us, for our State, for our Nation, and for our world, the time has come, the time of destiny is upon us, and if we hear its music so beautiful in its song of freedom, our hearts cannot refuse, and our journey to a better tomorrow must begin.

Oh Lord, in this time appointed, let us not shrink back, let us rise and march against the winds of evil, and see the light of freedom for all shining before us.

As FDR once said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Rev David Mitchel Stow