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It’s time to believe again, in and America for everyone. Bernie Sanders IS the power of myth the call of the ages. Answering back to darkness requires we relive its helplessness and find empowerment. Destiny sings to us it is the light that lights other lights.
Voting is essential to being truly and deeply authentic in our caring for society and our children.
Vote, help conquer the darkness…
David “Mitch” Sotelo
Don’t let greed turn you into a slave….

Progress is not a product of a helpless heart, and if it’s not about progress, it’s not progressive.

This is what extreme capitalist and socialists both fail to see, that progress is about progress for everyone and those with the abilities to aid that progress should be rewarded.

How does this relate to disabilities?

All are disabled in various ways, but the biggest disability of all is learned helplessness around needs and feelings due to deprivations and traumas common in life. This is something that is not just a social political problem it is an individual problem. Because of this the progressive view is not understood well by some, and because of this the virtues based on objectivity, creativity, and empathy have their communication impaired. Why? Because these abilities cannot reach and inspire helpless hearts.

This is why I have endorsed social and emotional learning in classrooms taught at various levels and applied to changing situations that come with age.

We can’t ignore the disabled and the poor and the help they need and have the best most progressive society we could have.

Learning that all are disabled, that all are less than perfect, that we all need to work to unlearn our many forms of learned helplessness, this is also essential to a truly progressive progress oriented society that in the end benefits all.

This is also why I endorse Dr. Arthur Janov and Dr. France Janov in their work to help unlearn helplessness around needs and feelings. I also support Bruce Wilson the great medical science writer who supports Art and France in their work along with the truly progressive political science professor Peter G. Prontzos who brings the Primal perspective to politics and governance.

When the heart isn’t free the mind is enslaved and the people and the world suffer.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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