Optimistic Intelligence: When Hearts Embrace

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When hearts embrace they see the beauty of life, and their path, though humble is bright. and optimistic. This path is the path of optimistic intelligence.

Hearts embrace, they find caring and caring finds trust, and the communication between caring and trust is a communication with virtue: this is optimistic intelligence. Following this find your heart, find your real self, and always be content to be you, for you, living your life, this is your destiny. When hearts embrace their minds find virtue.

Optimistic Intelligence is demonstrated in people who have an embracing attitude toward the real needs of their human fellows. They do not forget the sick, the lame, the elderly or the defenseless young. They are not motivated by greed and do not use cleverness to rob others. They embrace the good in all things. They see past evil to the fear and pain within it. They never abandon when uplifting has the smallest chance of success. They will strive tirelessly to bring appreciation and honor to the worthy destinies born of hope even in the darkest of hearts. Humility of heart brings them the bliss of honest wonder in a world unimaginably magnificent, and contentment just to be themselves.

The path of healing or the path of punishment, these are the choices in this world. The path of healing produces optimistic intelligence.

What is optimistic intelligence? It is what is born in the heart of hope that seeks the comfort of virtues and extends that comfort to others. Only the birth of an honest heart wrapped in the comfort of Truth, Art and Goodness can begin the journey to optimistic intelligence. Only the intelligence of an empathetic heart, the wisdom of a humble seeker of objectivity, and the vision of a hero lost in creativity, can find and lift the honest heart to its destiny. The journey to this destiny is the destiny, the growth in optimistic intelligence is always sufficient as the growth is in fact our destiny in action.

The lessons of the path of our destiny are not learned only by communication and action in our daily lives, but also in our internal lives of dreams and daydreams. The discipline of embracing dialogues between forms of trust and the caring inherent in all virtues within the dialogues in our daydreams, opens our dreams, and opens our lives. Naturally, hearts embrace, and when hearts embrace virtue sings.

When your heart yearns to embrace the world, it will find a welcoming fellowship of those that know their destiny by living it.

Welcome, those whose hearts embrace the world. Life is your welcome mat, living is your joy, the world is your home, and all humanity is your family. Seek optimistic intelligence and be content always to honestly be yourself, for the honest you was always and will always be your destiny. Connecting to yourself and others with love is true intelligence and the power of its comfort will guide you to your bliss.

Follow your heart, embrace the world.

Rev. David Mitchel Sotelo

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