Greed the Root of All Evil

Become the Light that is you.
Become the Light that is you.
When you’re in darkness, become the light that is you.

Greed surely is the root of all evil, and because of the simple fact that the rich do not pay a fair share of taxes, much that could have been done for good has been left undone.

Because of greed the song of trust and faith has been eroded in our land, fear and hate have ascended in our Nation, and this fear and hate now threatens the rule of laws that are the framework of our Democracy.

Flames of destructive fear and hate, even now are being fanned into a raging fire by FOX NEWS and many radio stations. Our right to vote and our very democracy are now threatened.

I do not hate those who do evil, I pity them, but I must stand against them and vote for what is right, and spread the facts.

Spread the news of the rising darkness, fight against the forces of greed though they may be endless.

Yet remember, reaching the heart of any deceived by greed, can shine a light from which greed cringes away, fading into history and making an opening for the light of true freedom.

We must not let complacence permit evil to destroy our democracy. We must stand firm against the lies that permit and feed unfeeling uncaring greed.

What can you do to help? Begin by sharing this post, comment further on this subject here and elsewhere, remember the words of Jesus and feel his message in your heart. Turn within and find the real freedom of virtue, and see the Kingdom of Heaven. Help enlightened democracy to bring light to the earth, and save humanity from itself.

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David “Mitch” Sotelo