God Rationality Love and Primal Pain

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

Things that aren’t relative can’t be argued effectively to be real. Therefor God then can only be considered a connection to virtue, or the experience of it. What you find in that experience, you find, what you don’t, you don’t. It cannot be argued or debated, only experienced. This is the domain of faith or trust in a world that moves toward love.

I find no discordance between the evil in the world and the idea that the world moves toward love, as love would not judge but allow all that could exist to exist, and let it spin toward it’s ultimate destiny.

God could exist as a kind of gravity of love toward which all moves, a mystery that can only be embraced with trust or faith that comes from better communication by and from love.

Thus I am about the yoking of higher reflective abilities that evolved to meet social and individual needs from an honest feeling heart of optimism.

The joining of these reminds me of the concepts in Yoga of the Super Soul and the Soul, the Paramatma and the Atma, which Yoga attempts to merge. I call such merging “optimistic integration” and the process to get there an improving communication between love and an honest trusting heart.

An honest trusting heart cannot have learned helplessness in connection to vital feelings and needs (primal pain), so primal therapy, that seeks to slowly and safely unlearn the helplessness surrounding such needs, is a vital part of this process, in fact, the central part of this process.

Attempts to love with creative, empathetic and objective perspectives will break down anxious defenses against feeling and help the integration of primal pain, but the message of the pain longing to be set free from symbolism, longing to be what it is, must lead the way.

Arthur Janov, Bruce Wilson,and Peter G. Prontzos are champions of this “cause” without which I see no hope for a more progressive, better, and more sustainable world to evolve.

A Progressive Movement has begun. Our world is worth trying to save. Progressives unite, and understand that integration, that win/win solutions, are love, and love is all we need.

When the heart educates the mind we love more intelligently.

Namaste y’all,

David “Mitch” Sotelo