A Progressive View: God of the Imprint Not the Gaps

Become the Light that is you.
Become the Light that is you.
When you’re in darkness, become the light that is you.

Many believe in a God of the gaps, the places where science hasn’t chased out the notion. I believe in the God of the imprint, the form of communication between trust and love that blesses ourselves and the world around us, heals our hearts, and promotes healthy optimism and tolerance of all others.

My God doesn’t create my God is creativity, my God isn’t here or there but rather the connection between all things.

My God makes no laws, instead is the communication that makes laws just, compassionate and fair.

My God is not the universe or the multi-verse, but the pattern, the wondrous inconceivable foundation of all things, that we can understand in an endlessly growing way that expands our reach and humbles our soul.

My God demands no belief, favors only those who love and embrace science, and the will to love in grander ways.

When I talk to my God, I talk to the grandest most noble, most creative, empathetic, and objective ideal person I can imagine, and knowing that what I imagine is only a part of the wonder that is God I am open to appreciate how others might imagine and hold to their heart another image than what I see.

Knowing that I cannot ever fully know such a God, I find myself humbled and appreciative, not just of the faiths of others, but of the doubts of others.

When my mind is still, and my thoughts humbled, and my heart warmed and fed by love, I grow, and in my growing my yearning for God finds the gift of living and letting others, and their thoughts, live along side of who I think I am.

I do not expect special treatment from my God, I expect a greater out reach of the love that strives to serve the God, the ideal, to which I aspire.

I strive never to wait for the hero or the saint to save anyone or our world. I hunger and work to feed the best in myself and others, and wait for the miracle of life to lift hearts and bring the tears of joy that come from helping those who least expect it.

When I crave for a meaning to life, I let my heart and mind dance, for then I experience a meaning and a song so beautiful that I cannot hold it, and then my soul is free to fly.

When I want to change the world for the better I know I must embrace everyone, and encourage the best in myself so that I do not seek to cover the light of anyone.

When I seek to answer social problems I know that like a farmer, I must be willing to work hard and get my hands and heart soiled by the ugliness that needs to be addressed.

Humbled by my God, I know that I cannot work or live or help myself or my world alone. So I do politics, and strive to do it with heart.

My heart is liberal, because I need liberal giving hearts in my life, my heart is forgiving, because I need forgiveness, I follow Jesus because the words attributed to him make sense.

I do not worship because what I worship is envisioned within my imperfect mind. I adore my small imperfect image of God as if touching only the hem of God’s garments, because, though imperfect, it lifts my vision and gives me hope and courage.

Faith without doubt is like a car with a gas peddle and no brakes, and a steering wheel that is locked. Doubt without faith gets nothing done. Together my faith and my doubt help me to grow and see more and more of the beauty that is life.

I am progressive because without progress toward effective optimism the darkness of life would engulf me.

I vote, not because I have all the answers, but because if we all vote we honor our own potential and the potential of others, I encourage others to vote because the vision of only one might be the vision that might save us all.

I support progressives because they believe in everyone. I strive to support everyone because they are my neighbors and my family. I strive to support the environment because it is my family’s fragile home.

When the rights of the least are respected, we honor mothers, we feed our children’s hearts and minds, and we bless the future.

Here in Texas, I believe in Wendy Davis because she stands up for the rights of those who are the nourishment and hope of all human life. I support Leticia Van de Putte because she has a history of loving what is best for all of us.

I believe in our new Texas Collin County Chair Mike Rawlins, because he opens the doors of possibility and hope through hard work, work that enables others to give, and love to give, all they can.

I see a future full of hope because my God isn’t hiding in gaps, but is in fact the connection to a love within us all, between us all, and around us all.

Show me faith without doing anything and I will show faith in what people do. We have an urgent need to vote and to support good causes, to light the lights of hearts, to give life to the audacity of hope.

I am an ardent fan of our President Barack Obama, because he has brightened a world too often more fearful than hopeful.

Hope again, believe again.

Brother David “Mitch” Sotelo
Minister in the Universal Life Church Monastery