God Bless Federal Power

4th of July Flag

Federal power does a lot of good things for any nation. The United States of America wouldn’t be here if federal power had not won the argument long ago. The Civil War was fought in part over whether the federal government had the power to hold the states together, and states rights being useful, nevertheless, when federal power wasn’t held in high esteem we found many dysfunctions in the Confederacy. Soldiers in the C.S.A. or Confederate States of America, who were in a state that didn’t make shoes often had no shoes, and if the early 13 colonies had not united they would have been overwhelmed by foreign powers seeking land.

How much power should the federal government have? Why should it have it? It is obvious that we need a strong federal government to insure the national defense so it needs at least enough power to do that well.

Yet today we also are confronted as individuals in nations around the world, including even in the larger nations such as the United States, with the multi-national world wide powers of large corporations.

These corporations are not driven as much by concerns for the general public, but by a concern for what they call “the bottom line”, but the bottom line isn’t ultimately about money. It is about people who, united in a democratic republic form of government, can best represent their own rights and their needs. This is true because in a democracy everyone has an equal vote. Through federal power, the power of individuals to find health, the foundation of real happiness and a better life, is thus insured. The voice of citizens should out rank the needs of a corporation with its drive to enrich its investors, and it’s highly paid CEOs.

Furthermore, we need to not forget children in poor states by not supplying enough money to their education simply because they had the bad luck of being born in a poorer state, province etc.

Additionally, as far as health care is concerned, it is always a matter of needing a large supportive pool in order to keep down costs and provide the best care, and including a form of payment that brings in everyone in a nation as payers, in one way or another, is far better than any smaller group that has a smaller payer base.

Additionally, again, corporate controlled health care will fail to invest as well in the over all health of a nation. This approach is best realized in the long run, but it’s blessings in some wealthier nations such as the United States of America can be felt much more quickly.

Now the great debate between the political parties here in the United States of America is returning to the debates among the original 13 colonies, and before and during the Civil War.

It would be enlightening to study these earlier debates and their contexts and see any comparisons to our present day here in the United States. I believe the result of such a study will convince the American people of the need for a strong federal government, one big enough to protect us, one big enough to stand up to large corporate interests, and one large enough to insure adequate education and health care for our nation.

I hope that other nations will also consider this argument for and against a strong federal government, I believe that they too will arrive at a great appreciation for a strong federal government, especially in these modern times of large world wide corporate interests.

Rev David Mitchel Stow