Global Climate Change: The Faces of Fear

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

Mike Rawlins´╗┐, a leading political activist in Collin County Texas brought global climate change to our attention, once again, on a facebook post he shared with us. It tells the story of climate change again, and this time shows the fear and intense concern of scientists working in a variety of fields, all of whom are seeing a very frightening picture of changes due to climate change brought on by thoughtlessness and greed. You should see their faces as they gave their thoughts.

Fossil fuels being burnt, by cars weighing an average of 4000 pounds, close to two metric tons each, all for our convenience and greed, huge plants to produce our electricity, heat and air conditioning, all contribute frighteningly to carbon emissions that are heating up the average temperature of our planet. Cars are the second major source of the increase in carbon emissions.

Republicans say that these changes have nothing to do with carbon emissions, and base it on at most 3 percent of scientists who are all employees of oil corporations. Democrats side with the over 97 percent of scientists who contribute these rapid changes directly to human consumption and activity that burn fossil fuels. You have to be incredibly unthoughtful to agree with the 3 percent whose motives are so very questionable.

Are scientists afraid for our future? Let’s take a look at their faces. Consider this link.

Don’t take chances with your children’s and grandchildren’s futures…


Here in Collin County we need to send out a clear message to Republican politicians, we need to vote against them… Collin County Democrats ( have a saying, “Your Vote is Your Voice.” Don’t neglect to use yours and don’t, for heaven’s sake, let your sensible friends fail to vote in 2014…

In the past ignorant and insane leaders of our world could only kill thousands, and then it became millions, but now, without a single shot fired, such leaders can end the existence of all humanity.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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