Gay Marriage: the Rest of the Story

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

Gay marriage, now the REST of the story.

Male dominance and power was the reason why it was NOT for centuries just ONE woman for ONE man, it was any NUMBER of women that the one MAN could AFFORD..

It was also the reason why in some cultures any man of MEANS could have sexually any other men or women who didn’t COUNT in society who were slaves or of lesser social status. Some social contracts were all about power, a man of means could have harems of young women and men, Alexander the Great was one such man.

Some cultures, say in difficult times or climes, also allowed brothers to marry a single woman so as to have enough resources from hunting game etc. for the offspring.

Other cultures with less resources held young men back from marriage using them for the pleasure of older men as a rite of passage to be taught in war or in a trade.

Simpler nomadic cultures who needed more progeny and men to work hard and fight for the tribe hated gay men who didn’t breed, and even despised masturbation or wasted “seed”.

Wealthier advanced societies needed to expand the length of childhood nurture and were more egalitarian and and so came to see that power should not dominate in sexual relations, and also that children capable of breeding all needed to be held back from it to have time for education. Sometimes during this time gayness was over looked as if it didn’t matter as long as it could be seen as a “phase”.

Societies wealthy enough could see sex as lowering aggression and the wastes of war and helping with healthy peaceful trade. This promoted and more allowed sex just for pleasure to be considered more acceptable. This created many identity crises as sex for pleasure springing from affection between two peers (thus not involving the stronger instinct of the parent child relationship) could easily be embraced by any two people of near age status and would have nothing to do specifically with a need to breed, since the population needed only replacement not an increase.

Committed relationships with deep bonds help to lower disease, now the main threat in the wealthier societies, thus for those most pleasured by same sex engagement marriage became very important and a helpful choice in society.

We must also consider the social groups not threatened by those who preferred same sex relations because they were so rare and because they came to be perceived as having a perspective that was both male and female, the joining of which was always a human social value. The joining of the more empathetic female perspective and the more masculine objective perspective came to be called “twin spirit” and was revered in such societies. (In fact, it has been thought in modern times that those too masculine or feminine would be socially less functional.)

Matrilineal societies, where there were enough resources to go around and not much need for war, as in hunter gatherer societies where, again, there was sufficient resources for everyone, worked well, and the women cared for the young and bred with any male they might choose (This allowed for a greater broader and healthier gene pool and enough children to survive their earlier more vulnerable years, and this is why promiscuity still exists today.)

It is simply NOT true that the one man one woman scenario is always the best choice, or that gays or gay marriage agreements should be disallowed or even not encouraged. Also gay relations are seen in many intelligent species, the more intelligent and peaceful, the more common it is…

David “Mitch” Sotelo