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Lion's Head

I hate no one because I have seen their pain, and felt my own. I degrade no one because I have had the courage to face my own faults. I fight for the good of everyone because when I see the world humankind I see my family. Like those I count as friends, I am a progressive.

I find my courage from my friends, I find my humility because I recognize their abilities, even when they are far greater than my own, or far less, they tell me my faults as well as my virtues and so I grow and find a better stronger me. I honor them as family even when they disagree with me and so my heart soars with purpose and my mind learns from all their differences.

I owe a debt of great gratitude to them all, past, present, future and yet to be, these friends who stand by me and with me, and struggle against all that fights against the empowerment of our human family, and that may harm our breathtakingly beautiful world.

The lives of my friends are songs that sing to me in the night of my despair and lift my soul, their struggles give my life meaning, and their joys lift me when I am sad.

When they join a fight against me because they disagree with me, I find exhilaration and joy in the struggle, and never refuse to give them a hand toward recovery when the fight is over.

My friends are a part of my life and when the song of my life is over I hope they will remember that in spirit I will stand beside them and encourage their success.

My friends are the life air of my optimistic intelligence, what I have of it, and without them I could not find the blessings it can bring.

We are the progressives, we are the ones who know our hearts and support the honoring of the hearts even of those who mistakenly call us their enemy.

I ask all those who experience such friends to join me and help make a better world.

Brother David Mitchel Sotelo

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