Feel the BERN

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Answering back to darkness requires we relive its helplessness and find empowerment. Destiny sings to us it is the light that lights other lights.

Feel the BERN

We must Feel the Bern to argue well that Americans should Feel the Blue and vote Democratic. Conservative Light is the Slow Death of the Heart of the Democratic party and democracy itself.

What conservative Democrats are missing is a plain and simple fact. That fact is simple: selling conservative light is about as popular as selling Coke Light. People like the “real thing”. Without it, it is impossible to launch a clear attack on the conservative ideas that are slowly killing our democracy. This middle ground of conservative and conservative light has eroded the ground under the feet of Democrats. We have had a difficult time making our case when we are just a little, and very little, bought than the Republicans. Revolution begins, and real change, when the controlled middle ground of politics by the wealthy few is openly challenged and defeated. Bernie Sanders is that real change that we need, Only someone like Bernie can move the range of argument over to a sure and stable one. We need a clear position against the plutocracy bordering on aristocracy that is crippling the soul of our nation. Bernie has that clear position.

The question for Democrats is will we continue to lose ground by playing to the bought middle or will we begin a revolution on solid arguable grounds. A Democratic Socialist is a practical and realistic and arguably superior stance than neo-liberalsm can offer.

What we have seen state to state is that conservative light loses to conservatism. When we continue with Hillary Clinton we are building our Democratic house on shifting sand. Democratic Socialism is proven to work and is a solid basis from which to launch attacks on both unworkable forms of both capitalism and socialism. Progressives ARE Democratic Socialists. The progressive argument is the solid ground from which the Democratic Party can eventually create the Blue Tide that will have people Feeling the Blue from coast to coast.

Bernie has shown that he can approach both conservatives and liberals with his common sense plans and win arguments and get applause from both. Semi Insanity cannot argue well against Insanity. Only Sanity can be the solid rock from which real change can develop.

It is insane to keep allowing our politics to be bought by wealth interests. This is to the detriment of hard working folk from one end of this country to the other.

Enough of the Semi Insanity that has driven the Democratic Party farther and farther to the Insane Right. It’s time for a change, a real one.

Want to Feel the Blue? Want a Blue Tide? Feel the BERN

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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