The Far Right and the Hispanic Vote

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

Many question whether Hispanics, due to being deeply religious might more tend to vote Republican due to issues of gay rights (many Catholic countries have already legalized gay marriage), and because of the abortion issue. Just which way will the Hispanic vote go in the future?

These issues along with many others will be resolved if they ever are, by new technologies, or preventive measures. Yet in the mean time, what if the Hispanics realize that better prenatal health care and universal health coverage would help their own children to be smarter, healthier, live longer, and with better health care and the resulting less stress on the mother?

Also, what if they knew that through this reduction of stress on the mother through having proper care that the population of those born with a tendency toward being gay might very well be reduced?

Aren’t Hispanics also for the health and welfare of their children and against gay lifestyles? Democrats, unwittingly perhaps, are offering a higher possibility of having such results through improved care for pregnant mothers. See how long the religious arguments hold up against those very probably realities!

Good prenatal health care could also mean that their children would be born with greater potential toward increased intelligence, and a lesser chance of having criminal tendencies.

God in their Bible is described as “non judgmental” and “sending rain and sunshine on the just and the unjust”, so throw that in and you have an even greater case for them to vote Democratic.

So, in summation, if Hispanics come to know these things, and likely many already do, the far right hateful expressions, especially toward innocent children, evidenced by far right groups, will surely send them over to the Democratic side when it comes time to vote.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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