Eyes on the Prize

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Lion's Head

We must persevere onward and never forget the songs of our heart and the love that binds all humanity together and creates a better life, a lasting joy and peace, for all.

With eyes that step above the trivial and grasp a vision of heavens full of promise, with hearts that soar over limited visions of the future and connect the world with a love that brings trust and courage, with arms and hands ready to serve and never embracing surrender or despair, we will move on together, we who see the prize: One caring understanding uniting Collin County, uniting Texas, uniting our Nation, and uniting our world.

We can never give up on the future for it is the inheritance of our precious children, may they find sunshine and the refreshing rain of new discovery and joy, and dance together embracing the wonder of a world more precious than we can imagine.

Brother David “Mitch” Sotelo

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