A New Age is Dawning: The enlightenment of love.

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

What we must recognize is that the internet is firing up our imaginations, imaginations that can go anywhere, even into the depths of our inner mental life. It will be an enlightenment of love.

Professor Jaak Pranksepp, the rat tickler, has launched affective neuroscience, something that will revolutionize and expand our inner view of who we are.

Arthur Janov has revolutionized the intra psychic clinical approach to neurosis, and it is neurosis that is the ground for the extensive greed that is now poisoning humanity.

The real revolutionary game changers are occurring beneath the radar of even some our contemporary scientists.

This however is changing. Peter G. Prontzos, has said that Bruce Wilson, a medical science writer in Quebec, has managed to get Arthur Janov and Jaak Pranksepp to meet: they were mutually appreciative of the work each had done. Pranksepp, seeing films of Janov’s patients reliving early traumas from birth and from before, was heard to exclaim “This could not be faked!”

We are on our way to a much more healthy world society, in spite of all the “discouraging news”. Slowly a more peaceful successful society is being formed, the age of communication is becoming an age more introspective, and caring, an age where more socialist societies will flourish.

You may be tired, you may feel despair, but liberation is whispering hope in the air, laying the ground work for a better world society. Efforts made today will be echoes of the beginning of new age, our only choice is whether to be part of this majestic evolution or whether we will watch it slowly happen from behind our television and computer screens.

Let the voices for freedom rise on the winds of a growing breath taking journey, a path to the fuller majesty of humanity. Let the songs of victory to come be whispered and sung today. We humans will have over come, we will discover our joint humanity: a launching pad to the stars. We will become a family born of the stars and travelling into the skies of a hope that even now lifts all hearts.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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