Emotional Intelligence: A Plea to Friends and Progressives

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I have just discovered the World War II attack of the British fleet against a trapped French fleet at Mers-El-Kebir. This was a tale of a supreme lack of emotional intelligence on both sides but especially in the tone of an ultimatum made to the French fleet by Winston Churchill.

One French sailor later said he didn’t blame the massacre of 1500 French troops on fellow sailors in the British side. He said it was the officers who did this and, as usual, those who suffered were those before. It was also said “Did you ever hear of an intelligent war?”

See information here.

Our schools also suffer from a lack of emotional intelligence and I have heard of not massive attempts to have classes in this broadly supported and taught in all our schools. The pilot studies of such classes have reduced violence in our schools.

See information here.

The lack of teaching such classes in all grades is in my opinion a major mistake, and the results of this may well be a form of great harm to better educational opportunities for many young minds.

Here is strong support for such classes in higher education here.

It is my strong opinion that our lack of support for these classes may well be a loss of what could have be a major help to a more truly intelligent world, a loss as yet to be determined.

I am reminded of a line said by Rodney King, “Can we all get along?”

I wonder….

It is my intention to once again support a resolution in the Democratic Party to influence our Platforms supporting emotional intelligence classes in our schools.

I would like to ask for the support and creation of such resolutions from some of my friends, and others, in the Democratic Party.

I am now asking all who might help or have contacts including Mike Rawlins, John Lingenfelder, Ellen Gresham, Deborah Angell Smith, Michael Handley, Marlene Byndon, Sajeel Khaleel, Bernie Sanders, Wendy Davis, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill Baumbach, Bill Moyers, President Bill Clinton, Robert Reich, Friends of Bernie Sanders, Eddie Bernice Johnson, and any other members of our Democratic Party, and the progressive movement, across our nation, please support such resolutions now and in the future.

I hope that other progressives will support such classes around the world, and my plea here goes to Bruce Wilson, Peter G. Prontzos, Arthur Janov, and all else who may wish to join this movement in education.

We can get along if we learn to do so, and other problems blocking our efficient caring communications can better be implemented when these classes are understood and in place.

We can get along.


Brother David “Mitch” Sotelo

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