Now Let Us Vote, Get Educated, and Lift the World

Lion's Head

Worrying about an uneducated world giving power to those who would rather use the people than empower them? VOTE, EDUCATE, and uplift the minds around you. Yes, VOTE!

Vote! Read about history. You can’t vote? You STILL have political power, volunteer for a progressive party in your country. When you get two to vote in a more thoughtful progressive way you (unable to vote yourself) have done TWICE what the one who could vote did by just voting.

Knowledge is power, speak it in song, beat pots and pans for the music if need be, gather and be loud, and kneel to oppressive power NEVER.

Can you do this non violently? YES and that is why you should LOVE democracy and progressive politics.

Has this been done before? YES, read history books, listen to lectures from qualified professors, watch public access shows, listen to activists, educate your mind, then LISTEN TO YOUR HEART. It will be playing an uplifting music that you feel even when you can’t quite hear it.

Then let your feet move to the music and stand proud, for a movement of the people, for the people, and by the people, if united, can never, no not ever, be defeated.

Brave souls hear a music that is their destiny, the lifts themselves and those around them, that belongs to ages of human longing for freedom, justice and compassion.

Don’t just mutter “mine is a ‘land of the free, and home of the brave'”.

Shout it to the rooftops, and don’t just shout it, sing it with all your heart, then let your feet move and your arms hold banners brave and true, and then in spite of all your fear, you will become the words, dance to the music of freedom, and your eyes will see the vision of a better day, your arms embrace justice, your heart beat with a joy that transcends yourself.

Then you will hear the word of Jesus with renewed meaning, “He, or she, that gives his life will find it, and those that selfishly cling to their life, will lose what life they have.”

Don’t look for the hero or heroine to come, look within, you ARE that one!


David “Mitch” Sotelo