Democratic Presidential Debate Oct. 13 2015

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

This was the most polite and courteous debate I have seen in quite some time now. This Democratic Presidential Debate actually focused on the issues that confront us today.

Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Mally, and Bernie Sanders were those who stood out most in this five member contest. Bernie was a clear winner here on all fronts. Martin O’Mally though is someone to watch as he made a very good showing and has great poise and cordiality, a true statesman. Hillary, often the voice of the centrist Democratic Party of compromise, though appealing in a personal sense, was certainly out of step with the country who whether left or right politically are tired of a few rich people’s interests controlling our government, and controlling the messages we get to hear. Bernie’s campaign uses no PAC money, relying on the small donations of those of us in the 99 percent. He has been consistent and smart about the issues all of his life, and it seems America is realizing he speaks for them, for the children here, and for the future of our planet and all of us. His is the voice of love, fairness, and a powerful integration of the interests of all Americans. His message is deep and profound and echoes the true heart and soul of our nation. His heart truly beats with our own.

Here is a site where you can see the debate for yourself: Bernie Debate Watch

Here is the voice of a young man who is one of Bernie’s fan’s, feel the Berne in your heart:

It’s time for a revolution! Support Bernie Sanders, your own best interests will thank you.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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