Defining “Progressive”

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

When we consider the term “progressive” we have to consider what the word “progress” means. Progress means improvement, improvement in human terms means the better answering or fulfilling human need and desire. This relates heavily on our ability to communicate well, and better communication very much depends upon mental and emotional health and intelligence.

When we consider improving things we have to consider what is blocking improvement, either the lack of essential elements to the improvement, or the presence of things blocking that improvement.

We can’t see what improvement is without being aware and feeling our essential needs as human beings. What blocks this awareness are the traumas and deprivations that led to associating needs with helplessness through deprivation, or creating needs attached to helplessness through traumatic events experienced as a witness or a participant. Such needs create a level of panic or stress that they can’t be integrated at the time of the felt helplessness, the now “pained” need is a force within the brain that can’t be felt but whose force with which the brain needs to cope.

How does the brain cope with this force without feeling the anxiety and panic attached to overwhelming helplessness? Picture yourself slamming into an air bag in an accident, you are saved by the force being distanced from you and spread out within the air bag. The upper more reflective areas of the brain step in to act like the air bag would do in an accident. The pained need is distanced from the original contexts of the trauma, or deprivation, by approaching it symbolically in other contexts, (for instance seeing it as in the present where there might be choices and therefor less attached to feelings of helplessness) while the need itself is symbolized so as to allow a hope for fulfillment.

Confused? Consider someone traumatized by a cat. The need was to escape the situation, to flee, or to attack, but the need was not integrated in a way to see it as a past event associated with the cat in question. Until that event can be experienced with it’s need as something past, a “loss” of sorts that is no longer a threat, it will keep sending it’s message of intense need. According to the degree of force of the anxiety involved, it will be symbolized and generalized to any cat in the present, and if severe enough, symbolized more broadly and distantly. The symbology might end up quite bizarre as in having a fear of, or disdain for, those who love or own a cat.

Symbolic need creates symbolic attempts to fulfill them, or symbolic love. Symbolic love can’t be fulfilled, so you can never get enough symbolic need fulfillment. This can create a harmful level of greed for money or power or both. Billionaires who sit on wealth and deprive the poor and middle class to get it, are suffering from the effects of “pained need”. Their lives will feel less fulfilling than they should, and some turn to philanthropy to find greater fulfillment, but what is needed is a better more equitable flow of money and power, which can only come from an educated mentally healthy electorate in a healthy democracy.

We can only cure pained need from a safe perspective firmly rooted in an awareness of the present. However, forcing people or society to deal with their irrational concepts and behaviors, or their greed, is not a good idea. You can’t simply talk or reason people or society out of their pained need, which was once life threatening to feel. You must, through healthy caring communication and improving of conditions, gradually provide the means for cure of the core problems. This will require the promotion of so many perspectives that the symbolic needs and forms of fulfillment begin to have no place. This is currently occurring in regard to irrational concepts within religions, but only in more advanced countries with a healthy middle class. Tolerance of one another, becoming a growing necessity for the survival of the human race, is an example of many needs and attempts to meet them colliding, leaving increasingly only what is useful and real.

Improving and increasing the middle class is the effective way to make beneficial change, which means not too far to the left or the right politically, and doing things that increase freedom of expression within this more peaceful and satisfied middle class. This increasing communication and tolerance will allow the age of communication to reach within the mind where healing can occur from the age old problem of pained need. Those more at ease can doubt what they think and dare to feel what once might have needed repression, they can become more healthy and in touch with their emotional and physical needs and the needs of others, they can dare to care about families not their own.

Progressives are focused on the welfare of the middle class, from which we can expand effective help to the poor and greater meaning to the lives of those who are wealthy. This is what is necessary to make real progress, real progressive change. This can’t be forced and repressing symptoms of pained need will only make things worse over time.

Let us now consider the concept of a “punishing attitude” as something that is seen as useful or beneficial to society. Our punishing system consistently fails to lessen crime and instead seems to increase it and make it a profitable industry on the backs of tax payers. Punishment is a symbolic approach to crime, it is not a protective or remedial approach, and it does not consider or address the underlying causes. It seems that the far right is lost in such symbolic approaches, and the far left wants to use forceful repression of our world’s insanity, rather than fix the underlying causes of cruelty, violence and poverty in our world in a reasonable way that is paced appropriately. Such punishing attitudes are not the way a truly progressive healthy mind addresses social or individual problems.

How do we attain a more progressive healthy mind? We must allow many variously caring perspectives within our inner mental dialog so that the symbolic thinking is revealed as based on illusions. (Delusions are purposeful, our reactions to pained need were never fully conscious or purposed.)

The progressive revolution is A Progressive Movement​ of sensitively and gradually improved communication in society that treats the causes of problems, a society that creates greater more sustainable win/win situations, and more healthy rational minds.

This is why I am Ready For Hillary​, a true progressive, to be the next president of the United States of America. Yes, she is a centrist, but centrist approaches that improve our living conditions and peace in the world is our only hope.

We must move forward, for we have nothing to fear except not caring, we have nothing to repent except harmful greed, we have nothing to change except intolerance. For God sends the rain and the sunshine on the just and the unjust, God gives real life to those who abandon greed, and God will always bless those who care as He does: for all humankind.

David “Mitch” Sotelo