Defending Arthur Janov

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I made a reply to a blog attacking Arthur Janov The blogger’s attacks on him were undeserved and unthoughtful.

The state of psychology today is that it is not a science and Arthur Janov has at least considered causes and effects in therapy that aren’t dependent upon suggestion or simple plays with words. His therapy has been more researched than any other, and they do not even posit a cause for the symptoms they treat or try to falsify their claims.

This blogger listed Freud at the top of a long list of famous psychologists that didn’t include Art’s name. Given the foolish ineffective nature of their therapies I am proud of Art for not being in such a list.

Here is my reply with added comments in brackets to add more clarity:

“Your arguments are largely meaningless and do not address his therapy per se. I have had a form of his therapy with another therapist long ago, and it worked very well for me. (This is far from proof but it really made a difference in my life, unlike my studies of other approaches that did absolutely nothing except to make me feel worse and resent them.)

There isn’t much that is scientific that is presented by any of the names on your list. His therapy needs further research but it has a core to it that seems to explain a lot of things, so if you wish to attack his therapy you need to show another core approach that seems to explain as much as his therapy.

When people make positive changes in their lives without a conscious attempt to do so that is far and away ahead of the results of those listed in your list. These changes were predicted by his therapy so at least there is a sense of cause and effect that isn’t directly related to suggestions.

Most of the world believes in GOD and gives great credit to holy books that say some of the most ridiculous things imaginable so your list arguing from the sense that others had broader support does not impress me.

One notable psychologist also agrees that psychology is not a science because it has no sense of clear cause or effect. Arthur Janov presents causes and expected results and sees them every day in his practice, and the fact that some, or even most, can’t duplicate his results, speaks more to their abilities to handle the art and awareness necessary to be effective than it does to the success or failure of Primal Therapy.

Attacking Art shows to me that he is far from someone “not well known” or “not someone with a theory needing to be addressed”.. Freud thought that hysteria in woman had something to do with their nose so putting him at the top of this list surely says it all.

Art, there are many of us who think the future will vindicate many of your claims and much of your theory.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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