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Answering back to darkness requires we relive its helplessness and find empowerment. Destiny sings to us it is the light that lights other lights.
Voting is essential to being truly and deeply authentic in our caring for society and our children.
Vote, help conquer the darkness…
David “Mitch” Sotelo
Don’t let greed turn you into a slave….

Light: Conquering the Dark Side

When seeking the light of virtue, we must conquer our darkness. Democrats and progressives around the world are motivated by this quest, the most progressive have felt the darkness in themselves and found the light within them.

Everyone has a dark side. Many know of it. Few have felt it. Those who have felt it feel only its power. Some have healed from it and brought the light of day to who they were, who they became, who they are, and have lit the joy of the innocence in their deepest selves. Behind the pain that keeps them from living life fully as their genuine selves lies their ties to virtue, their renewable faith in life and love: their optimistic intelligence.

Those who walk in their darkness are ruled by the desire to punish instead of heal, to blame instead of understand, to fear instead of love, to see an enemy in the deepest heart of those who they have come to fear. They love war more than diplomacy, greed more than the joy of others, or the love of others. They fear change, they rest uneasy in their skin, they are allergic to life and to progress.

Those who are on the path that heals the darkness love progress, and healing, and building solid ground for trust. They are progressives, they are those more liberal with love than desiring of defense, for they see the friend in the deepest heart of everyone.

When the Democratic Party, or the more progressive parties in any land, strive to seek their deepest soul and highest virtue, they must return and feel the darkness that is the blindness in their vision, and stand solid for progressive virtues. They must embrace and love the progressive mind that lies shimmering with real hope and potential in the hearts of all. They must feel the hopelessness, the helplessness, within themselves. They must unlearn it and rise, rise with the joy of life that conquers the fear of dying, that lifts up all around, and breathes life into the darkness of despair.

The Democrats are now in a great internal battle, deciding how much of their message can be brought to the nation they love, but in the end they must and will rise together with the same optimistic faith in all humanity and life, the same faith that unites them.

Blazing into the darkness of fearful hearts with tolerance and love, and conquering the urge to punish with the power to heal and forgive and come together, Democrats will bless this nation and this world once again, and be the reason others will see us truly as one nation united by love, a light on hill, calling to the lights in every land “Let there be peace, let there be justice, let there be rivers clean and skies shining with hope. Rise with us, we are one. Rise with us together for we are one family. Rise and bless the children of all the earth. Rise and be free. Embracing our higher destiny. Together let us rise and sing a song that will make the heavens smile and the emptiness full, and every child to dance.”

Let the progressive mind in every optimistic heart be free, Democrats will hold the torch up high that will light the way. We who are first citizens of the world then citizens of our great nation and lovers of every family, we salute you, whoever you are, with the hope and the promise that is you.

Awaken with us, join us, and let our world be free from hate and fear, and free in deeds of virtue that will shine through the ages. Join us in our journey, help us, as we help you, and let us truly make America, not great again, but greater still.

Yours Sincerely,
Just another Democrat in Collin County TX,

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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