Investments in Creativity: A New Day for the Democratic Party

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

We need research and development of ideas in the Democratic Party firmly in place within it’s official structure, such as Creative Committees in every county and every precinct that reads about activist movements that succeeded in the past, and writes with a creativity that puts freedom and justice to poetry and song, speaks facts in ways that lift hearts, gives hope to the hopeless, and spurs the spark of liberty in each of us into action.

It will be the beginning of a better path for the Party. It won’t be just another committee it will be the beginning of a better more successful democratic party. It will be the research and development of ideas that can bring lasting change to society,changes that will benefit our children and their childrenm far into the future, and teach them the power of creative approaches within their own minds.

Teaching creative approaches will be the seed of undying hope, and grander and grander visions. It will be the beginning of a proper respect for the power of the written word, a power that can enter our imaginations and make us free, the beginning of a deeper connection to the very soul of democracy and change.  

We have become increasingly a party that rages against the darkness of hate and fear, a party too often caught up in struggles for control, with no music and no soul, no power that can lift humanity.

It is insane to cling to authoritarian rule in a communication age that is slowly dismantling such approaches.  The battle for this committee as a part of the Democratic Party is a battle for the Party’s future survival in a quickly changing, more and more progressive, world.

Arguing that we are handling the issues of this committee in the current communications committees in our Party, is an argument that we don’t need to dance because we can walk to the store, or arguing that singing isn’t necessary because we can already read the words of the song.

Creativity such as advocated for in the creation of Creativity Committees within the Party structure is not a fearfully lost wandering of the mind into a wasteland of useless ideas, it is the connection of the rational mind to the radar of broader views, an investment into experiments within the mind that can lead to the next great ideas in politics and society.

Political parties have been largely reactive, and then manipulative of its members, each member wrangling for voice and control, but in this communication age people will not choose to be thus enslaved in mind or in heart, it is time for the Democratic Party to be truly democratic and act as a facilitator of the great talents and voices of its diverse members.

A practical beginning for this adaptation to the changes of our new communication age can begin with simple committees that read about successful social activism, brain storm ideas that might help in today’s world, and bring “soul” and hope to the power of our words, and actions.

Such committees would be about enabling each member to read with comprehension and write with power, not just state dry facts and inspire with anger, fear, and laughter concerning the regressive elements in the Republican Party, and conservative parties around the world.

The power to change the future means the ability to lift those without hope to visions of new horizons of promise, creativity committees can help focus our hearts and minds on such a goal and put empowerment not into the hands of a few but into the hands of the many.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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