Courageous Hearts: A New Age

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

A Message to Hearts Courageous: A New Age is Rising from the Darkness of the Old

To all my progressive friends whose sufferings in this world are on going and tragic, who hold up their hopes in the darkness of a world gone insane,

Who seek a better life for themselves and others, who fight against the darkness still clinging to humanity, a darkness of superstitious cowardice draped in noble thoughts, a darkness that hopes to cling to and destroy the vision that a new day is bringing,

To all of you who stand without a flag, without a clinging to symbols of nation and creed that so divide our world, take heart and journey on, your song is genuine and true, and will be heard in every land.

A new age is dawning, an age in which communication is rational, caring and genuine, with an imagination whose skies are boundless wonder, whose warming sun rises above the limiting views of false comforts, whose song lifts all hearts and joins all souls, and plumbs the depths of darkest souls, and heals the wounds, of all.

I have watched as those with hubris and fearful clinging to what is known, fail to see nor feel the magic of lives that, like music, have a beginning and an end, lives that should be treasured and remembered, but not clung to, to be celebrated but not worshiped, to be released to embrace a new and changing world, in which new lives seek hope and a better day,

I have watched those struggling in dishonesty, fear and darkness, and I have looked within to see the darkness in my own soul, and in my darkness, I have seen a vision of honest hearts, set free, and dark minds enlightened,

I have seen the rise of a world warm and embracing, that will hear the cries of the world, dry tears, and cradle hearts in a courage born of love.

As all my friends now slowly age and pass along with me into the non existence from which we all came, I see a time transcendent,

Not shining in any imaginary life or future, but now, resonating with all of life, stretching out to friend and enemy alike, a moment we can treasure and from which we soldier on,

Not to more meaningless wars, but to a peaceful time, in which all children can live unafraid, smiling, loved, dancing with joy, in every city and town, every farm and village, in a world of breathless wonder, so precious so tenuous and so brave.

As we seek to treasure each other in this world, we cannot forgo the battles against those things and those hearts who would promote fear and darkness, who would manipulate with empty sham, and whose greed would poison the future of humanity, and the planet that holds us, and all of life, in fragile balance,

We cannot forgo the journey of imagination into our own hearts and minds, where we confront the darkness within ourselves, and where we can open our eyes to the pain that would bind us, and be set free to live a life that unites us,

Those clinging to the age now passing, born of selfish greed and fear, these must find a strong but loving hand that blocks their grasp for power, a hand that firmly turns them inward to an honest light they have long forgotten, where they can find the courage to live free.

A progressive age dawns, honest and free, shining with hope, its song is a love courageous, let it be you.

Brother David “Mitch” Sotelo

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