Conservatives of Today and the Battle Against Them

Be a Tiger for Good Communication, it's the caring thing to do.
Be a Tiger for Good Communication, it’s the caring thing to do.

Neurotic sniping and whining and demands that politics should not be discussed seems a hallmark of the today’s conservatives. You make points, they whine, and if you push they make false claims against you, in social circumstances they question your progressive direction with personal mostly unfounded attacks.

I have seen them cover their ears, become angry and defensive, and surely they do cling anxiously to guns and holy books. They will feign personal umbrage in any situation they can leverage such as in sensitive social circumstances.

No one should take a progressive’s apologies to these sick minds as an acceptance of any validity to their claims. No one should mistake the stances of today’s modern conservatives as Christian, they most assuredly are not.

We all need education in better communication but that does not mean that optimistic intelligence demands sensitivity to neurotic far right beliefs or desires to limit political discussion.

Optimistic intelligence is gained when we step out of our comfort zones in rational, empathetic, and creative ways enough to find new and wider comfort zones, it demands that we face feelings of helplessness and false comforts especially by trying to use helpful perspectives in communication as comforts themselves, ultimate comforts, not false regressive ones.

We need real optimism born of effective communication between perspectives that meet real needs, and form of trust which open to these perspectives (that face our fears).

False optimism is the idea that we should use our intelligence to put a smile on our faces. Real optimism is hard work and demands an internal dialogue within ourselves that values goodness born of empathy, truth born of objectivity, and art born of creativity (looking at things from many related and even seemingly unrelated perspectives).

Have no doubts about it, this is a real spiritual war between what breeds real faith in caring, and what fearfully shrinks back from perspectives necessary for real and effective caring to occur.

Optimistic intelligence is a path not a destination, we should choose that path and not neurotic retreat from real debates, real feelings of empathy with our world and it’s peoples, and real creativity regarding how we can make for win/win outcomes not only at home but abroad.

This is a share battle that any real democratic republic on the globe must embrace. Yet though I say battle, let it not be seen as something with a doubtful outcome. Right will ultimately win over might, and the meek will surely inherit the earth in time.

Climb up higher, see from the mountain of virtue all this troubled world, and envision the shining victory yet to come.

Rev David Mitchel Stow