Conservatives and Liberals

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Conservatives and Liberals
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

Earlier I had posted something from Ted Talks on Face Book, concerning how we must understand conservatives as holding just different and appropriate, or at least useful in various circumstances, forms of our common human “values”. I have thought about it and listened to the video many times.

I first of all do not agree with his concepts of “values” and see them as tendencies that have been sometimes useful to our survival as a species. Why? Because values should be values useful in all circumstances, they should be ways in which we process information and not “rules to live by” or else they are very much lacking in luster.

Secondly what I see in conservatives in relationship to these tendencies is a greater amount of anxiety which would come from deprivations and traumas, that is to say “primal pains” or “pained needs” which give rise to “false comforts”. This was plainly evident in the first minutes of the video where the presenter contends that conservatives are less “comfortable” with being open to new experiences, which is of course also the ability to see things from many perspectives and put them together meaningfully, that is to say: “creativity of perspective”.

He then went on to say as to how liberals see conservative states as “dumbfuckistan” and how this was inherently a wrong perspective. It was a rather intellectual and unfeeling perspective lacking in empathy and some insight, but still, it is clear that as to creative perspective, the rural and southern states seem to be lacking in this quite natural ability, a deficit derived from a lack of stimulation of that ability in their “minds” which is to say their “brains”. (How early this stimulation needs to take place is something of which I am ignorant, but I would say early childhood if I were to guess.)

This is in fact a kind of lamentable retardation of sorts, and even though, as he points out, conservatives also call liberals “stupid” it is more because they can’t handle the anxiety of embracing new experiences, and thus feel it is against survival and therefor “stupid”. It is not… So their claim against the liberals holds more anxiety than meaning. They can fix their kind of lamentable inability with the courage it takes to face their anxieties thus freeing their minds to be “smarter” in this creative sense, which is far more likely to help the human race survive than cowering and clinging to the past as a baby does with it’s favorite blanket.

Creativity, the ability to embrace new experiences, when coupled with objective analysis which liberals almost always do, it not in any way something to be feared, and those well grounded in their ability to be objective in the first place have no problems with creative thought and its ability to give us the power to embrace and enjoy change. furthermore, to excuse the conservative mind from being seen as less thoughtful, by saying that tribalism is a “virtue” neglects the fact that a greater degree of intelligent thoughtfulness and creativity of perspective allows us to see the whole race as a “tribe” and to work on making it so.

Plus, after all, when you consider that the terms “liberal” and “conservative” do not fit any individual perfectly, we being a blend of such abilities and inabilities of various sorts, it is evident that we should strive to improve communication by eliminating unnecessary anxieties and addressing real issues that affect the whole human “tribe” and the health of our earthly home. (Two things that those who tend to embrace the term “conservative” seem lacking in.) Now, to the presenter’s credit, he did mention that we leave any blinders of embracing such terms. However, the term liberal shouldn’t be something to abandon as it promotes the best and truest “values” for the human race.

Period, exclamation point.

Healing the mind of such “inabilities” can be well addressed by two sites: The Primal Mind and Primal Therapy.

Sincerely Yours,

The ever less than perfect, but liberal embracing,

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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