Concerning Central American Children at the Border

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

During a meeting of an all Republican County Commissioner’s Court in a southern state of our great land of the free and the largely misinformed, the question of whether to use tax dollars to help defenseless children at the border was discussed.

I wrote this to a friend who spoke for helping the children at that meeting:

That was an amazingly clear and accurate depiction of what went on and the views that were expressed. You are a really good political writer Bob Fusinato. I wish you were on the Communications Committee and I wish that you might one day be its Chair, as I believe in on going elections to find new talents.

I am a blatant outright progressive bordering on socialist, perceiving community as ultimately all humanity and even beyond to some regard and special protection of self aware animals and the ecosystem itself.

Like most progressives I am leery of people who want the center stage, feeling that their more global intelligence is questionable, and highly questioning the purity of their motives. Yet, as I am sure you would advise, we must work with what we have and have compassion for those we find to be not in line with our values.

I pictured those on the commissioner’s court and some of their supporters as, in regard to their empathy, more like lions than Bonobo chimps. They can be warm and tender to their own, but if not their own, they may have no regard for them except as food. No wonder they support crony vulture capitalism and corporate concerns either, as the part of them that is chimp-like, just as a chimp, is cowardly and in service to anyone perceived to be more powerful or “in authority”. That is why I believe, that they are always want to proclaim their “degrees” and exaggerate their talents, and why they want to own guns, posturing like a gorilla ripping up small bushes. Position and power seem to trump most of their concerns and they look on with disdain toward anyone not their own that may need a helping hand, even children.

Their cognitive dissonance in regard to their stated love for the words of Jesus, and their conclusions about daily life, is amazingly bizarre, and therefore I also believe them to be perhaps not just a species variant of a more caring human, but as mentally ill (paranoid/hateful) and not so very intelligent. When this dissonance was clearly pointed out, they changed the rules of conversation to say that you can’t “put down” anyone’s faith or belief or religious sincerity, and when we pointed out how cold of heart they were being they decided to change the wording of the bill from “children” to “aliens”, and after that, seeing we were laughing at the idea of a 5 year old being a potential “gang member” they tried to make a distinction between “small” children, and “big” children.

You were far more polite than I am here Bob, but I just had to say it, if for no more reason than to try and see the humor of the situation.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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