The Communication Age and Internet Transformation of Politics

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

Rising on the tide of the internet paradigm shift in communications, democracy is alive and thriving. We can expect to see a greater local and world wide integration of concepts and ideas in a much more intelligent and peaceful fashion than ever before.

There is a new paradigm forming from the communication age and its revolutionary democratization of government. There is now forming what I predicted long ago in one of my published works: the birth and evolution of a democratic social brain, ideas from areas of social concern percolating up through layers of professional people and organizations, stepping over traditional systems of representation and party affiliation and more directly influencing policy making through the internet.

This social evolution is all around us, and what we have seen as apathy and disconnected under informed independent voting trends have been the herald of a new much more involved and democratic age.

This is a time of greater and more profoundly democratic change, a time of increasing progressive influence, a time for the birth of greater optimistic intelligence, an age of optimistic integration of our world that sees and knows fewer boundaries between us.

This period of human social evolution will be connecting the personal and the social to greater degrees, better integrating international and local concerns and stepping beyond the limitations of nation states.

Later I will discuss how the social realities of our lives can and must be integrated within the communications inside our imaginations, joining self awareness and social awareness, increasing IQ, EQ, OQ, and HQ levels of socio-emotional intelligence.
David “Mitch” Sotelo

Here is an excellent article talking about this, here referred to as Web 2.0:

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