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Better Healthier Understanding Comes from Progressive Communication Within

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

The thing most to fear in any organization is a spirit of competition that pushes others out of the way in order to shine and feel in control. People doing this can hide within any organization, they may profess all the right values but have all the wrong motivations. These are not progressive thinkers.

The more religiously styled thinkers tend to see things in simple black and white terms, dividing the world between the “good” and the “evil”. The more progressive individual divides things according to what is more dysfunctional and/or stymieing of talents, and what is more functional and promoting the talents of those around and not just the talents of her or his own.

The healthier mind, the progressive mind, also doesn’t see punishments as solutions, it strives to see problems and their solutions instead.

Our world needs more progressive thinking and this is produced through education and techniques to carry effective communication even into the way we communicate and comfort ourselves within our imaginations.

Look within, experience who you really are, and you will find a progressive slowly emerging.

Humankind seems lost in a sea of words designed to cover over it’s traumatic history and tendencies, until these are connected to in a feeling way the society and politics will dance all around this and find itself only morphing problems rather than fixing them.

We can change all of this, but it will mean feeling our reality and accepting scientific methods to do so and then guide us to a brighter saner future for all humanity.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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Memorial Day by Rev David Mitchel Sotelo

Be a Tiger for Good Communication, it's the caring thing to do.
Be a Tiger for Good Communication, it’s the caring thing to do.

What do we memorialize on Memorial Day? It is obvious that we don’t just think of those that have fallen, but of those that were injured, and all who served, and all who now serve.

The honors bestowed on this day, should be for those who have given that full and last measure of devotion, but let us also honor as well all those who by their service stand ready to do so.

Though we see many flags gallantly flying for those who are now no longer with us, let us see not just their faces, though they shine in our hearts brighter than the light of a thousand suns, but also the faces of our brave men and women who have served, and who are now serving.

Let us also not forget, let us never forget any of these brave caring souls; and let us also remind all who represent us in government that we owe all our heroes a debt. We owe them a promise well kept: to never turn away when any of these heroes still with us, have need of us.

Surely, those willing, or who have been willing, to lay down their lives for our country, should also be remembered with those who have given their lives for love of this Nation.

Let them not go hungry, may they never go waiting to no avail for a job to feed their families, and may they be aided by our nation to survive with as much care and dignity as they have bestowed upon our Nation, this beloved United States of America.

Rev David Mitchel Sotelo

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Debt Crisis Analysis

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

Bruce Wilson made this comment as part of one of his great articles.

“The same scenario was played out during the Third World debt crisis of the 1980s and the Asian financial crisis of the 1990s.

Lending binges by banks and speculators led to debt defaults, followed by severe austerity measures to protect the interests of the financiers.

The solution is always the same, says Bello: “Pin the blame on the victims by characterizing them as living beyond their means, get public agencies to rescue you with money upfront, and stick the people with the terrible task of paying off the loan by committing a massive chunk of their present and future income streams as payments to the lending agencies.”

While the world follows this “living beyond their needs” narrative perpetuated by the corporate media – banks continue to deflect the pressures for financial regulation. As long as the banks get their way and austerity measures continue, the economies of Greece and the peripheral countries of Europe will continue to stagnate and the people will suffer.” Author: Bruce Wilson

Find his whole article “here”.

The problem with corporate styled capitalism is that banks and businesses are not only insensitive to the real needs of citizens because of a push toward profits as the true and only main and important goal, but they are also too big for anyone to allow them to fail. This means we need to work hard at taking money out of politics so that the needs of the people can have the larger weight of influence.  This is the only way we can have a strong democracy of, for, and by the people.  (A twist on the words of a great speech by Abraham Lincoln. Which you can find here.)

Abraham Lincoln also feared for his nation because of the influence of corporations.  Capitalism has a fatal flaw in that it’s love of money and greed tend to place all the wealth eventually into a few hands and impoverish the vast majority of hard working citizens.  Repairing this flaw must mean a government big enough and strong enough and democratic enough to stop the formation of corporations and banks that are too big to fail.  When this grabbing of most of the power and wealth of our nation by a few rich individuals occurs and we lose our democracy to big money influences, any nation begins to look like a dictatorship of a few, a result also attained by communism.

A truly free and vibrant economy cannot exist without everyone being made players in the economic game rather than being slaves to it. Picture a game of monopoly, a board game where players of the game roll dice and move around a piece that can land on owned “properties” and have to pay “rent” to the owner.

When a child I played this game and eventually one player will own all the landing places and collect all the rent until finally everyone else was “broke” and homeless.  Sometimes the “winner” of the game would try to keep playing by handing out just enough play money and landing spaces to other players so that they could keep playing, but never enough to spaces or money to put them in serious threat of losing.  Usually all the players who had “lost” would walk away in disgust.

Consider now when such a game occurs in real life, then you can’t walk away, you are stuck in the unfair rigged game.  This is what happens more or less when corporate styled capitalism, and too big to fail banks, take over the game.  Eventually all except a minority will lose any position where they might hope to succeed.

Those in such a “position”, a position from which they might find some success in the game, are the middle class.  Progressives seek to strengthen the middle class and help the poorest from being hopeless and turning to crime or violence. This means that the poor are in a position to move into the middle class, and that the middle class can hope to rise to upper class status.

I hope you will read all of Bruce Wilson’s article and remember to “keep the faith” in democracy and fight for it with diligence, something that requires not guns but constant vigilance, and a determination that your vote, nor anyone else’s will be “bought and paid for” in any way what so ever…

David “Mitch” Sotelo 

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Fundamentalism? Right or Wrong? Online Debate

Enough already!  Slavery was in place long after it should have been because the Bible authorized it and condoned it even through the New Testament. Those wanting “scripture and verse” for that can easily find it with any good concordance. Fundamentalism tries to go back to a literal interpretation of the Bible. So guess what? Yea, that would make a real fundamentalist tolerant of slavery, or even endorsing of it.

The difference between sophistry and actual clear and logical statements backed up with careful analysis couldn’t be shown more plainly than in your splendid example of “sophistry” above.  Fundamentalists basically say: “Agree with me on my source of authority or you’re wrong, and I will call all your statements “sophistry” if you disagree with me.”

Science disagrees with the idea that the Bible is a textbook, yet some respond that any scientific disagreements are only “sophistry”.  Logic disagrees with this concept as well and fundamentalists still give the same answer.

Some have never read from the site It is quite a good read.

I would dare say that if I wanted to be assured of my salvation I would definitely not follow the Bible, I would follow the good in it, yes, but not the Bible as a “textbook”, because it assuredly is not.

Fundamentalist need to believe that all life is life because it has “God’s breath” blown into it.  Haven’t they heard? Science has created a cell that is alive totally from created genetics.  They did this without any breath what so ever, with or without mouthwash.

Every year and every generation such backward illogical and even abusive beliefs back a little more out of society from once having occupied a central place, this is not without reason. May it continue to be so.

Responses from those who disagree are welcome and will be posted as long as they do not contain foul language and make a clear argument.

Rev. Dave

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Finding Our Way to Love: The Mandate of God

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

Salvation isn’t earned, the cry of the anti Christ is that you earn and deserve. The first Church had everything in common so that none lacked. Those that do not take care of their own are worse than unbelievers. The Republican Party has become the strong voice of the anti Christ.

We are not of this world, and deciding to vote for what feeds the hungry, the children and the widows, is not a hand out, it is God’s mandate. When Jesus fed the many with a small amount of fish and bread he never asked the disciples to give only serve those who “deserved it”.

Western Europe is proof that it is more blessed to give than receive and they are now no more broke than we are and the statement “broke” points to an artificial debt owed to the greed of those who steal by not paying their fair share of taxes to carry out God’s mandate.

They are the ones at the end of time that will come before him asking “When did we see you and did not help you?”

Helping the lowliest is serving Christ, beware the lies of the anti Christ. There comes a judgment, both now and at the end, and why ask when is the end of time? The end of time is when anyone dies, for them the end has come, and next comes payment, for those with the most love and sacrifice will be given more and those who had the least real wealth in heaven will have what they seemed to have taken away.

Lay up treasures in heaven where there is no decay and follow what is right in the living Word, the love that flows from hearts who seek no profit here on earth. How hard it is for the rich to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, yet all is possible with God so never should we judge the final end of anyone. Yet fear the cost of love that is lost. Vote for a just and caring rule or be the ruler that was cast out.

Rev. David Mitchel Stow

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