Greed Business Power and Insanity

Lion's Head

I am remembering a British Comedy called “‘Allo’ Allo!”. It was set in World War II, and one of the phrases commonly used in the show was “Listen carefully, I will say this only once.”

How I wish that all we had to do was to say sensible things only once. That people would listen to scientists and work realistically with their problems.

I will say this more than once: Business is about personally felt survival issues often poisoned by greed springing from symbolic struggles for needs long past. Business needs a healthy communication between itself and three more reflective forms of power, the empathy of societal forms of extended family (often poisoned by irrational forms of religion), the objectivity of government (often poisoned by a form of greed called power), and the creative perspectives of the media (inhibited by the need of pained individuals to cling to the past and a sense of the unchanging). The creative perspectives often break down the defenses against feeling what really happened to us, but to some degree so does objectivity and empathy. Feeling what once was too stressful to feel (needs embroiled in helplessness), is the only way to end the power of symbolic struggles and greed that infest our politics and ourselves.

Better communication can help. We can give more equal voice to these perspectives, and not allow any social power associated with these to become over powering. Balanced free communication is the cure.

Business is like the Kid in us, more in touch with daily survival in how experiences are felt and dealt with, and so consider what would happen if the Kid in you ran your life. We might call having the Kid or Business in control is a form of insanity, so now we have unbridled corporate capitalism, the Kid is in control, and it is poisoning our water, our air, destroying the hope of the poor, and the very foundation of a true democracy, what is called the “middle class”.

We must move toward a balance that is more healthy and we must do it as soon as possible…

David “Mitch” Sotelo .