Beyond Authoritarian Control: A Communication Revolution

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

I have been asked whether I am more of a socialist or a progressive in terms of how I’d like to see greater egalitarianism in society and fair and effective distribution and control over production.

I put my faith for change in our growing communication age and the internalization of awareness and control that we as individuals have over the communication within ourselves.

This internalization of communication age values which we are discovering as increasing forces for democracy is creating in the market place a greater balance of income for everyone. Neither government which the political right seems to fear in the USA, nor corporations and big business which the left fears, will be able to overcome the new communication age forces for democracy, not in the long run.

There is no true democracy when the individuals in a society aren’t aware and intelligently involved in the political process, and this is obvious, but let me mention that those who do not have emotionally intelligent forms of communication also lack the ability to communicate with each other effectively and this is also needed for true democracy,

Deeper than emotionally intelligent communication is optimistically intelligent communication which is the ability to communicate with basic perspectives needed to meet human needs in ways that build a sense of caring and trust. This level of communication is also needed and should be internalized.

Deeper than optimistically intelligent communication is the effective communication with our feelings of helplessness connected to critical needs that once were not met. These needs which I call pained needs, are dealt with by symbolizing them so we can deal with the panicky feelings connected to them and this creates symbolic needs and symbolic struggles for those needs which calm us, for a time.

Symbolic needs cannot be fulfilled so “enough” is not part of their communication, and this is the greed for power placed on top of anxiety that drives people (insensitive to even themselves) to dominate and oppress others for gain. The ability to undo these forces is a communication between higher reflective needs meeting perspectives and our feelings which if symbolic slowly break down as this communication continues.

Virtues are based upon good communication between empathy the root of goodness, objectivity the root of truth, and creativity the root of the virtue of seeing and experiencing things artistically which I call the virtue of art.

What perspectives communicate with them? Our trust perspectives do, they are perspectives which are ways in which we relate to our motivational feelings or emotions.

All the stages of internal communication are forms of intelligence, and take us, rich or poor, into a greater motivation toward virtue.

Therefor I see no need for any struggle or revolution that is not about increasing education, and communication at all levels, from group communications to personal internal ones, along with the fight for democracy. What stands in the way are authoritarian repressive mentalities which can be educated and cured.

So you might ask “Why should people be motivated toward this kind of education and communication?”

The answer to this is that there is growing evidence that such education leads to longer, healthier and better lives. Additionally, since more communication is needed at deeper and deeper levels to handle the necessities of trade, society and individuals will find themselves seeking this education and communication. This will occur because of growing enlightenment concerning health and longevity, and the forces within the modern market place.

So for now the word “progressive” suits me nicely with the addition of another word to describe it: “communication progressive”.

Symptoms of the progressive revolution will of course include some degree of class struggle, wars against anti democracy forces, and daily struggles against authoritarian versus enabling and empowering styles of management.

Being aware of the various levels and forms of communication, and education in implementing them are vital forces in creating a true democracy, every other attempt is a resurfacing of more basic problems, helpful, but not enough for real change.

Here in the USA I have tried to get these concepts entered into the way the Democratic Party operates and sees things. It will necessitate a great deal of patience, tolerance, and struggle, but my concepts are gaining more ground, slowly.

My insistence that the Democratic Party create committees dedicated to creative studies of effective activism, learning to read critically, and to write with precision and artful persuasion, has so far fallen on many deaf ears, but is gaining ground with the more progressive members.

This struggle can take many forms and I hope everyone who reads this will devote themselves to study and active promotion of ways to achieve progressive goals.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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