Believe: Education, Children, and the Child Within

Lion's Head

We have so many problems to address in our world, we cannot sit idly by and do nothing with our talents, but many must do so for a lack of education both emotional and mental.

We simply must see that we are not teaching children how to think rationally and objectively in our schools, we absolutely need to see that emotional intelligence instructions are not simply “character building”. Yet we are too focused on blindly praising what we are doing because of the discomfort of seeing what we do wrong.

Focusing more on the emotional health and welfare of children in our schools will help us to see those in special need, and to address problems with all children early in their development.

Focusing more on how we think and how to think more objectively can begin in various forms even at very early ages, it’s not enough to say that children can only do this at some later age. We must apply ourselves to those things that can help them to be prepared to be more logical and objective and open to science at the later ages by helping them as early as possible.

Doing these things will need to address parents of children, to help them to improve in these ways as well. This means free education, free health care, and more generosity from upper income levels. This means a higher minimum wage and more unions, period, exclamation point…

Progressives are fighting at every level to improve society, but we need to fight this fight at every level and to do all we can for children, for in helping them this will educate ourselves, and give children more voice and empowerment in their lives, and create a foundation for more change in the future.

In many many ways we need to teach children better so that they can feel more empowered to learn. We need to teach them to be empowered so that we can get out of their way and let them begin to teach us, to lead us to better help them, to guide us into a future that will one day be theirs and not ours.

The question is. “How much do we love our children?” but behind this question is “How much do we love the child in each of us?”

Oh yes, I hear all the time that “We are already doing that.”, this is often said long before the one saying this really understands the depth of the questions and proposals which I am making.

Patiently, we who understand these things must be tolerant and gentle, but strong and determined. We look around for the light to guide us, while the light is within us, if we but have the courage to embrace it.

It’s time in our modern world to realise what is still primitive in ourselves, it’s time in our place in history to see through the eyes of the child within us, and reach that child so we can reach our own children: the children all around the world. Seeing things this way we have to see the whole human race as the family it is, and all of life as a part of an environment that is our home.

It’s time for emotional education classes in all our schools, it’s time for logic and what prepares the way for it to be taught at every grade level, it’s time for the love of science and nature to be of paramount concern.

It’s time to be more reflective within ourselves, to take the time to talk to the kid not just in ourselves but in everyone, everyone in our human family.

It’s time for immigration reform in every country, it’s time for embracing and healing, and standing up for children around the world as a priority that trumps wars.

It’s time for punishing attitudes to be replaced with objective, practical and caring ones.

It’s time for corporal punishment of children to end in all schools, and in every family.

It’s time to teach ourselves more how to think and how to feel, than what to think and what to feel.

This is the age of an enlightenment that can put hope in the eyes, and warmth in the hearts, of all human kind.

It’s time to believe in our children, it’s time to believe in the promise of the child in everyone.

It’s time to believe again.

Many progressives have come to doubt what we can accomplish in a time when hope, audacious hope, is required.


Brother David “Mitch” Sotelo

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