Rambling Thoughts about Art, Virtue, and Life

Become the Light that is you.
When you’re in darkness, become the light that is you.

Art, vision, science and virtue now dance in my thoughts, and if you will, let your mind read and be no longer tethered, drift with me into a higher place, where we find our optimism fed by virtues, and discover a creativity that sings to our souls and lifts our hearts.

My thoughts now drift, as I feel a music that I can almost hear, as I walk the passage ways of my drifting mind freed of constraints and moved by a beauty in life that I so often find myself ignoring in this adrenaline, greed tossed world.

My mind seems now to reach to the hem of clouds of higher meaning and beauty, grasping, grasping as my feet now fail to touch the ground, lifted by my heart yearning for the freedom that art and science seem to sing.

I am now thinking of many talented souls I have met, including my dear sister Nena Pulsifer, an artist of skill and talent, struggling to survive in California.

Truly it will be an uglier, dryer, more grayed out world, if we cannot properly protect such valuable individuals as my baby sister against threats to their commercial rights, their ability to survive while producing their works, and their ability to gain public awareness in the din of mediocrity so flooding our media today.

Right wing attempts to cripple government support of the arts by the current Republican law makers largely has gone unnoticed by the public, along with their cutting of food stamps for defenseless children, so ripe with their own rich potential.

Certainly the skies themselves will turn grey and death dealing, and already have, as a result of corporate capitalism, greed, and willing abuse of our planet’s delicate balances.

It matters what happens to the creative minds in our world, it matters if they are harmed, it matters if they have a cold reception, because such coldness is the tip of the ice berg of the cruel and calculating greed that so often trumps real creativity and hard work in our world’s true economy: the health of all humankind and the planet that sustains them.

Being loud and drowning out art, science and reality in order to achieve short term benefits on the part of those who have accumulated wealth, simply by virtue of having the powerful levers of previous wealth, may at times look enticing, and the greed of individuals who would steal the show from truly talented and scientific contributors to our world, threatens the better future of all humanity.

Oddly enough it is often through the avenues of populist democracy, that we find the voices of those less talented knighted with undeserved authority and power, and this in turn is what can often give permission and license to those who have broken the economic game and managed to buy what the populace has a chance to hear about in the first place, thus controlling the very democratic processes that might have freed and enabled the contributions of not only those who are poor and disenfranchised, but all of us.

I say all of this because I want to bring home the fact that greed is a disease that affects everyone in our world, it isn’t just here or there, it isn’t just the fault of the super wealthy, or the ambitious poor who walk all over the rights of the truly gifted and talented by stealing their work, discounting it, or burying it under their own deficient talents, it is here in the hearts of all of us, and the fault of all of us, whenever we forget the value of empathy, objectivity, and creativity in our own individual lives.

Truly the virtue of goodness is aided by our own use of empathy, the virtue of truth by our use of objective reasoning, and the virtue of art and it’s ability to help create a more beautiful world by the use of our creative multifaceted perspectives.

When we grow trust in relationship to these supporters of our virtues we increase the communication between love and trust around the world, and we bring down the heaven of God’s love to a world starving not just for earthly necessities, but for the music of life that makes living a joy even in the midst of noble and difficult struggles.

Reach out to all hearts, at all times and in all places, with communications of art, caring and understanding, and you will find the bliss, the optimistic intelligence that is your life and your birth right. Fight for this right, fight for the light, and support those who support the art and creativity that nourish all human virtues and lifts all hopes and dreams.

Lay aside your anxieties and become a hero or heroine of life, and when you cast any vote, vote for these progressive virtues, and dance in the heavenly visions of promise and noble struggle that always, in every time and place, lift the world of humanity to its highest ideals.

Here in the United States of America, vote Democratic, help save the arts and all virtue, stand up for one another, embrace the helpless, give hope to the hopeless, and the nation you save will rise and light the world.

David “Mitch” Sotelo