Adapting to the Changes of the Communication Age

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

Let us be clear about the communication age and the changes it is bringing, and how we might best adapt to these changes.

First of all, if you are politically minded, and living in a free country, you should vote because that is a valuable part of what open and integrated communication from many perspectives is about: your voice, your empowerment to help make necessary and helpful change take place.

Secondly, you need to understand that your voice should not be ruled by any authority because that stifles new ideas, talents, and well, real progress. Authorities aren’t authorities in the sense of control anymore, in democracies you cannot and should not control anyone’s voice, and authorities aren’t needed to facilitate other’s voices and talents, people determined to empower not themselves but others are what is needed in this new communication age.

Third, it’s not about who you know in the communication age, because in this age people think for themselves more than ever before, and true friends don’t think they can have special influence over you. So reaching out to the media effectively means that we don’t speak for anyone but ourselves no matter what our “position” is within an organized structure, except to report what the organization has voted to have expressed on its behalf. Also the best way to get media attention for an organization is to have people who do not officially represent that organization to notice what is newsworthy and report it.

Fourth, the skills of working with the media are not about who you know (see the first point above), they are about the ability to empathize with what the job of the news reporter really is and this comes from an ever fresh listening ear, in which being a stranger to the person might supply that fresh and not presumptive listening ear the best. It also doesn’t take a “genius” to guess what might be newsworthy and more and more activists need to learn this, so get out there and try…

Fifth, it is the honest sincere well informed activist who has the power of positive change, and you don’t have to be elected to do this job, you can do it yourself.

Sixth, brainstorming keeps our minds humble and innovative and open to new ideas, it is the research and development department of the mind. It can, and should, be applied to reading, hearing, and writing about what seems to have worked in the past.

Seventh, any organization dedicating special time, and official time, to brainstorming helps keep itself alive in a constantly changing world. So committees dedicated especially to brainstorming which requires receiving information and expressing ideas inspired by it, should be in place in any organization of almost any size.

These things are easy inferences from seeing and experiencing the trends in this new communication age. Those that neglect them will be left by the wayside in due time.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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