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What needs to be understood about money is that it needs to circulate to ensure sustainable prosperity. It’s like the blood in your body, there needs to be enough circulation of it to enrich and sustain all your body’s parts and functions. Some parts may need a greater enrichment but all the parts need to be healthy.

We don’t have enough circulation in our economy as shown by the lack of enrichment seen in our middle class. The middle class is like the heart in your body, it’s the middle class that distributes the wealth and this distribution creates jobs and opportunities.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that it is the middle class that is the true job creator in our economy. When we store money, which is like energy in our body, we store energy in our body we store fat.

When there is too much fat we become sickly, we move less, we create less, and physically and mentally we can eventually become quite ill. We understand all this when we say “I feel fat and lazy.”

When the body and mind are sick from too much stored energy it becomes a strain on the heart, and when the economy stores too much wealth it strains the middle class.

Robert Reich says that the way to grow the economy is from the middle out, not the top down, and I agree.

Oddly enough, when we become poor we don’t usually become skinny in the industrialized nations, we become fatter from eating too much of the wrong foods, the fast foods, and the cheap foods. We don’t have time and so we eat fast, we don’t have money so we eat cheap. This also taxes our health system, which again burdens our economy. Also from poverty we have children ill fed, which hurts their development and eventually hurts any nation’s welfare.

This reminds me of what Jesus said to the rich young ruler, who loved his wealth. He told him that to follow him he needed to stop loving his money and hoarding it and follow him, and so achieve “real life”, a healthier life.

Laws that permit and encourage greed are like fast foods encouraging bad eating habits. Greed as a motivation is not creative, it is destructive.

Who creates jobs? Not the rich who hoard large sums in terms of personal wealth, but those who put money to good use and spend it.

Jesus said to give to the poor, and Muhammad said to teach people to fish, so there you have a good dual remedy: invest in education and feed poor families so they can thrive.

When we only give education to a few we are only teaching a few to fish, and when we only give benefits to a few who don’t need it, we starve poor families and cripple their children’s ability to thrive and hope, and desire to fish.

Jesus asked why anyone would give to those who can give back to them? He said that people should rather give to those who truly need the gift. Why? Not because Jesus hated prosperity, but because prosperity depends upon helping those who need it and can’t us, like our children, who then grow up to benefit others.

When money flows we all prosper and we as a society grow stronger and healthier. Jesus said: “Give and it shall be given unto you, pressed down, shaken together, a good measure, and over flowing.” (or something like that)

Regardless of what we know or what great men of the past knew, this is all just common sense.

The profit motive is the greed motive, we should strive to create and care and invest, then profit will come to us, and those of us who cling to their profit “even what they have will be taken away”. (JC again)

Greed is not a healthy way to live…

Brother David “Mitch” Sotelo

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