About Gun Violence and the Sold Out Political Middle

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

About Gun Violence and the Sold Out Political Middle

Hillary, champion of the middle leaning left, may have done some things favorable to progressives regarding gun laws but we need a well defined approach that takes into account rural areas and is clear on when where and how the use of guns is permitted.

We cannot simply put forth a plan that is sensible in terms of the general populace and based on clear social facts, we must also address the small exceptional instances in which guns have shown themselves to be useful and slowly ween our society off of it’s neurotic addiction and address the causes of gun violence brought on by poverty and unfair treatment of workers and the bullying in our schools that can often push some vulnerable people “off the edge”.

I believe Bernie Sanders will address these important factors. Selling out to the rich bankers and corporate con artists in this country at the expense of our children’s futures and the better peace of the citizenry may be the underlying cause of many of our gun problems. Also teaching kids how to deal with their emotions in our schools as they grow up, even in our colleges, drilling it in continuously should be a major priority.

Thus far the “cowardly middle” of politics has failed us in these regards, constantly selling out to greedy unhealthy super rich interests. Hillary served on the board of WalMart without seriously, to our knowledge, standing up against their horrible policies, was once enamored as a Republican of Goldwater, and has even recently said she was proud to be “in the middle” politically.

Stopping gun violence is a deeper issue than we might first realize, and Hillary has only addressed the surface of the problem. For these reasons I proudly support the “unbought” barnstorming populist Bernie Sanders. Government dancing in the middle is something Americans can no longer afford.
Gun violence exists in a very neurotic and poverty enforcing climate that needs to be addressed on every front.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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