A Progressive Dream

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

A Progressive Dream

I had a dream, a very odd one, that seemed to be a sort of metaphor. I dreamed of a small cylindrical capsule that had the power to grant wishes, but saw the danger of it and the need to guard it from those that would abuse it.

I looked for a person of virtuous heart to hide it and keep it safe and use it wisely. I hid it (dreams are wild) in the top of a perfume bottle that had a silver portal at the top, like the silver of the capsule and I hid it there.

Someone without virtues sought it for selfish purposes and I was aghast as he found the bottle of perfume and started to lick the silver tip. I warned him that the “high” he would get from that would lead to the worst sickness he could ever have and he put the bottle down.

I continued in the dream to search for that one who would be virtuous enough to protect the power of this capsule, but as I awoke I began to think about the fact that I was looking for another of virtue to keep it safe. So I thought “Perhaps I am that person?” Then I thought to myself how poor the defense of this would be in the hands of any one individual. Then it came to me that I needed to place it in the hands of a virtuous democracy, one founded on the template understanding so named by David Sotelo (the other one;). The Template that was the communication between our survival emotional nature with empathy, objectivity, and creativity (the foundation of goodness, truth, and art).

Then I thought of how one of my Face Book friends Bruce Wilson saw that an individual changing themselves in the direction of such virtue could be a catalyst for social change, and how another friend Peter G. Prontzos saw that society (headed in the right direction against greed) could be a catalyst for change in individuals. Then I said to myself “We need both, we need to act politically and individually.”

Then I thought of all my Democratic friends and especially those in Collin County and I was very proud of them. I saw that our sciences were that magic capsule and that the power of our abilities to use it needed to be a cautious affair. I thought “I would hand that capsule to our Democratic Party and to my Democratic friends in Collin County.” I felt very proud of them. I then thought of Bruce Wilson and Peter G. Prontzos again and said within myself “These are like two voices crying in the wilderness, prepare for and make straight the path for science through social and individual change.” I then remembered how I would “preach” these things when I would talk to young people who received the words so well and vowed to become involved. Then I thought of Michael Handley and Mike Rawlins who see our hope in the “millennials” and thought how precious are all our children. Then tears filled my eyes.

Considering all of this I make my stand as a Democrat in the United States of America, and both a Progressive here and as a Progressive citizen of the world. I am part of A Progressive Movement, a movement of heart and mind and dedicated souls who care about the future of humanity.

I believe that both Hillary Clinton and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders could help lead the charge here in the United States, for justice and a better more virtuous world concerned with the better use of our sciences. Yet, for myself, and for many reasons I “feel the Berne”, while remaining friends with those who support Hillary Clinton.

This is a thank you to all my wonderful progressive friends which by the way include my dear children Amber Houghstow and Alex Houghstow who themselves are lights in this world, even while young and finding their way.

It is of absolute importance that everyone in the United States and around the world should vote.

Your vote is your voice, a small push toward a greater destiny for all humankind.

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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