A Liberal Democratic Prayer

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Lion's Head

A Liberal Democratic Prayer:

Dear Power of Love beyond reckoning,

May we be brave enough, and hopefully humble enough, to do the many boring tasks that make a Party of proud patriots grow.

May we gain the victory our nation needs in order to be vibrant and healthy.

May we see a vision of hope that can shine through the darkness of ignorance and despair that is slowly enshrouding our land.

May we each lift up the heart of another, until all understand that caring and not greed is the blessing of our country.

May the joy in the faces of our children be our legacy and our guide.

May the wonder of the universe be the bounce in our step, and education in science the gold in our pockets.

And when we honor our nation with praise, may we come to realize and love a government of us all, by us all, and for us all.


Brother David “Mitch” Sotelo

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