A History of Oppression: Odd Results

When you have a history of your parents and their parents oppressing and killing groups of people, the children become instinctively nervous when these same people achieve their rightful political influence and power, it’s only natural, but who said natural was always good?

Meanwhile the oppressive rich love such frightened people, many of whom are poor and lacking political power themselves. Why? Because they will not team up with those their forebears have oppressed and whom they still fear.

One very odd thing is that these poor individuals born of a terrible historical lineage still wish to honor the “flag” of their forebears as parts of state flags.

Another odd thing is that through all of this mutual fear, those historically oppressed often give up and don’t vote, and even odder and perhaps oddest of all is that the poor among the children of the slave states often end up voting for those who are now most oppressing them.

What’s needed is for more heatfelt communication that strives to overcome the fears of everyone, I doubt that anyone who gets to know the children of any group and see the sweet innocence in their eyes can still hate their parents.

The answer? Stop the hate by conquering the fear.

Consider this: Churches, temples, and mosques, are often, still today, segregated by wealth and past heritage, there should be one day where all of them dare to integrate, no matter how far the drive might be.

Why ignore the distance? Because distance should not be allowed to kill love.

Rev David Mitchel Stow

Progress has been made, keep hope alive.

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